When will Berlin scheduling be available for Golden Token holders?

A number of community members have reached out to ask when they can book their minting appointment for Berlin. This thread collects those questions so we can follow up directly when the scheduling system is rolled out.

artSOFLY.eth#2350: Were exact dates announced yet for Berlin? Looking to book flights ASAP

I’m trying to coordinate my schedule so I can come to Berlin. If I’m only able to come for the end of that window, is that something that can be scheduled or will the minting dates be a lottery?

ExTradFiGuy#0996: when are the IRL mints please… Thanks!

I have a group of 4 flying from the US who will all be minting. Need to come on a Saturday or Sunday. Would love to get us scheduled together if possible. thanks!

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TapirOne.eth#8717 asked:

GM! Over on Art Blocks Discord, they announced that Berlin would be the next station for Bright Moments. Does anyone know details/date yet?

Chixidanger#9120 asked:

Seth, I am wondering if it’s possible to schedule a minting time for Berlin? I want to go mint it, but I have children, so I have to have my Mom fly from Montana to watch my kids. I am only going to berlin to mint the cryto citizen, so I don’t want to buy two plane tickets without having a scheduled appointment time. I know it was posted that there will be minting slots around the April. Can I secure a slot? Thank you for your attention to my question!

therighteousreject#4583 asked:

Do we have dates for CryptoBerliners? Trying to plan travel accordingly

Google#7180 asked:

Has the registration opened for token holders?

Registration for GTBR holders is now available at https://register.brightmoments.io

We followed up with the individuals who raised questions in this thread here: Discord