What should new Citizens understand about Bright Moments before joining the community?

Bright Moments and CryptoCitizens are different from other NFT projects. Our emphasis on IRL minting and delayed drop timeline gives us a longer timeline that can be surprising for new community members.

If someone was interested in joining the community but wanted to learn more, what links, videos, or blog posts would you send them to understand the project?

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For content on Bright Moments, I think a page with the followings videos (ignoring tweet)

10k mints


There should be videos of venice and cryptoons too

There should be a prominent link on the Bright Moments website to a DAO treasury gallery with a short explanation of how ownership in the DAO (your CC) relates to the community art treasury. Gallery.so is easily set up and looks really good. Have a look at grailers.io for an example. “Our Collection” is prominently featured and easily linked. There are some amazing pieces in the treasury. We should really be flexing a bit. Maybe some tweets throughout the week featuring a IC or Reflections… Rituals


Cringlea provided some great thoughts on first impressions when he joined:

I’d say a few things. The project obviously caught my eye with the physical location . Your website is savvy but it is a bit all over the place with numerous links or additional sites that take the user almost away from your central home page. I would say if you had on your website or discord and clearly stated the purpose and goal of the project (opening physical locations I knew but educating and Onboarding newbies into crypto) and then maybe a more interactive discord community. I personally love YouTube videos as well so maybe if you had a video explaining it all and then weekly updates of what happened the last week? I am used to the neo projects (everything is online and through discord) so the websites and community interactions are quick and to the point so when I came in here my initial instinct was “is this project still a thing and is the community close knit?”