What are the things you believe, but other CryptoCitizens might not?

As part of our Constitution process we are gathering input on ideas from the CryptoCitizen community. This thread collects ideas that may not have broad consensus.

Example 1: Stolen CryptoVenetians should not be included in airdrops.

Example 2: CryptoCitizens held in the treasury should not vote on proposals.

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non cryptocitizen token holders should be able to vote in local community improvement proposals, on the condition theyve collected enough local community poaps and demonstrated they are active


Bright Moments should raise ETH in each city to buy real estate as a permanent gallery location, and as a shared DAO asset to hedge against crypto speculation / bubbles.


We should not have POAPs

Giving back to community organizations is a cornerstone of how each city should represent themselves to the general non-crypto communities.

A certain amount should be earmarked for donations, with a possible focus on onboarding community orgs into accepting cryptocurrency.


People who bring new people who become members or active participants should get more governance participation or opportunities for future mints


Bright moments should reactivate gallery events showcasing 1of 1 nfts from local artists. I miss seeing artists life change.


Each city should function as a sub-branch of the DAO with its own local mission and operating budget (perhaps with expectation of either revenue generation, charitable giving component, or combo of both)


Regarding the poodle trait of NYers - Is Puma the Poodle a real dog ? If Puma is not a real dog, the I move that the poodle should be named “Big Cashew” or “Cashews Self Image”

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I’m curious but I wonder what you mean about bringing people in - like to events ? how would we measure ?

Provided the Sub DAO approach is taken -They’re should be some sort of financial relationship between the DAO and Sub DAOS.

This relationship would need to be adaptable to Sub DAO operating in different economies.

Incentives should be aligned between the DAO and SubDAOs

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Let’s not die as martyrs onboarding new people and instead focus on bringing active, engaged people familiar with NFTs into each local community.


one noob who repeatedly shows up every week is better off than a celeb who shows up once


broader roadmap outline

utilization, staking, gamification

focus on marketing and sharing approaches with the community

encouraging user generated content

game night, challenges, and fun activities in the discord to encourage community engagement

founders don’t need more cryptocitizens set aside for themselves, and shouldn’t be in the giveaways if they do get guaranteed mints because it’s unfair to everyone else who has to either get lucky or buy secondary on the high. galacticans were a founder only exclusive (that now get listed on the high in the secondary market) + guaranteed mints in every city. should have to play by the same rules as everyone else in the community in regards to distributing the NFTs.

sweep the floor

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The bright moments DAO should set up a philanthropic arm to help the families in need around the locations they mint.


No crypto citizens should be given away for free. I’m a big believer in “skin in the game”. Even a small amount like $100 or $500 would help weed out people with no long term interest. All the money raise could go to charity.


What comes after the 10k are minted? Articulating the purpose post-10k-mint is important, maybe more important than anything else.

Art Blocks is an integral part of Bright Moments and part of the onboarding for web3 newbies could be educating them on AB, i.e., as part of the onboarding videos.

The 1/3 that are nominated in a city should have to pay something, as @BigGameJames said, skin in the game is important and may partially address the floor dumping right after a city finishes minting. It’s not about caring about the floor, it’s about valuing the experience. Seeing others dump diminishes the experience IMHO.

The point about the nominated having to pay some amount is interesting. Not sure I agree yet, but if they had to pay some amount even very small it would they potentially learn more? Not sure how the process works today for the nominees, but going through the steps of buying eth and setting up a wallet might lead to them sticking around in the space, vs a wallet being handed to them.

Hot take: a community of more than 10,000 will grow faster and be stronger.

the majority of 334 citizens designated for locals needs to go to local nft communities. we can designate small percentage for onboarding new people, and randomly distributing to locals to keep the magical vibe of Venice going, but the majority would to go to people who will be actively participating and are interested in web3 and the nft space. We have to create proper balance between active nft people (majority) / brand new people getting a citizen as their first nft / influencers whose participation helps with marketing.

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