What are the things you believe all CryptoCitizens agree on?

As part of our CryptoCitizen governance, we need to draft and ratify a “constitution”: a set of principles that are core to our community and have broad consensus.

This thread is intended to collect examples of those principles.

Example 1: All CryptoCitizens have equal voting rights.

Example 2: There will only be 10,000 CryptoCitizens.


There will only ever be 10,000 cryptocitizens


That all CryptoCitizens are equal :handshake:


We are creating a worldwide network of hubs for NFTs, Art and Community.


IRL experiences are the most important

People should be able to come IRL whether a total NFT beginner or expert and have fun / fond relevant information.

Continued positive participation IRL should help increase your chance to get mint a future crypto cryptocitizen


we’re here to meet other crypto enthusiasts in person and in my local community, and also travel the world with them


Every CryptoCitizen willy be minted physically in public at a Bright Moments Gallery

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Participate and advocate to grow our community in nine cities around the world

Onboarding people who are new to the space. Everyone has the ability to join in the space as long as they are willing to learn and participate. No discrimination.

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We’ll need a rode map that goes beyond minting the final city citizens.


IRL touchpoints improve and maintain trust and kinship within the community


Local galleries shall facilitate crypto education and empowerment of local creators.

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where were galacticans minted?

Always have fun and never share your seed phrase.


CryptoCitizens do not engage in political activism.

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CryptoCitizens are nice to each other and like to have coffee together

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I like the idea of scarcity but in the grand scheme of things 10,000 CryptoCitizens is an insanely small amount. If the idea is to promote NFT’s and digital art and crypto… If the first world tour is a huge success then a season 2 world tour could serve to grow and strengthen the existing community. I just don’t think that 10,000 should be hardwired into the constitution… leaving the option to continue the good work bright moments is doing if there is still a demand for it. How about only 10,000 “Season 1” CryptoCitizens?


Citizens are part of a community that onboards newbies, believe in making the world a better place, and grow in value.

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Strength through unity; unity through faith; faith in solidarluv.

It’s difficult isn’t it.

Pompeyplottin suggests “That all CryptoCitizens are equal”, and it’s a nice message which I fundamentally agree with, yet some of us are holding 2, 3, 4, 5+ citizens (not to mention each token has an individual rarity ranking) so I’m not convinced that this is waterproof enough to be a commandment of our movement.

IRL is a common theme that comes up too and yes, we can’t forget the IRL - but that’s more of a USP and a methodology of BM than a core identity imo.

I understand the idea of “onboarding”, but that leaves the problem of what on earth will be our commandment once all 10k are fully onboarded? Mass adoption, maybe, as the natural extension of this, but honestly I get the impression we are community of art lovers first and onboarders second.

So yeah, difficult! But I do have suggestion which I will outline my reasoning for. Spoiler alert, it’s about self-expression.

  1. I don’t think it’s feasible to answer/imagine what every token holder believes so I’m going to answer based only on the citizens I have met IRL over the past few months.

  2. BM is telling a story, so I’m going to heavily weight my answer in the direction of those who “get” this. First because I believe these are the citizens who are more likely to stay in our community (i.e., not sell the token) and second because no doubt they are also more likely to contribute towards the story as it evolves.

I won’t try and articulate the story here (catch me in person if you want to swap thoughts) because Art is open to interpretation. But that’s kinda the point. For me, it’s partly the angle of mental health, and the personal fact that drfiting away from the “rat race” of NFT flipping towards just enjoying “actual Art art NFTs” was so helpful for my headspace. I want to push more people to “NFT responsibly” and onboard with caution, perhaps even expressing more than I previously have regards my journey of mental health as both patient and practitioner and the challenges I’ve faced.

But everyone is going to have their own unique story of what their mint and their citizen means to them. With a community like BM, judging from the people I’ve met so far and especially the team, there’s no doubt we are all agreed & in the business of supporting each other to craft and express our own contributions to the BM story.

So that leads me to my suggestion for a “one commandment”:

Self-expression benefits the world, and should be done carefully and Artfully.

I’ve used the word “artfully” rather than “artistically” in wanting to be all inclusive of every kind of newbie to the art world (e.g., myself!) and I’ve included the word carefully because just having a “stream of consciousness” approach to your self-expression is not art; it’s unboundaried at best and an invasion of people’s headspaces at worst. Either way, it should be moderated. Truly authentic art will never develop unless you put time, practice and consideration into your craft.

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