Voting Mechanisms that don't require wallet connections

a potentially crypto/blockchain controversial question here so i apologize in advance, but is there any way we could vote without having to connect our wallets to any particular site? i bet that would help increase voting participation. i did it once but i know i’m personally hesitant to connect my hardware wallet more than i need to, but i would like to vote. maybe i just need to get past that but wanted to at least create a convo about it if that’s ok

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It’s a bit of a hard sell for me, because this is the purpose of governance tokens, after all.

That said lower stakes votes could/should happen over discord.

Perhaps the solution you’re looking for is the ability to stake your citizen and delegate another wallet for your voting rights. That way you could have an empty metamask wallet on your phone just to do the voting.

Downside would be that it could’t be on sale while staking but that seems fine.

Tangentially related but I’m impressed at how OpenDAO does governance.


Completely agree the whole point of our ERC 721 governance token is to be able to use it to vote

my thought process here is not doing away with our tokens but maybe using a different mechanism that does not involve direct hardware wallet connect to a contract. want to maintain security of assets while also promoting engagement

whether its voting tokens or shifting voting to a side chain, there could be a potential solution


We could allow you to delegate your voting stake to a hot wallet that doesn’t hold any tokens. That way you can still vote, but your wallet holding the Citizens can be disconnected to prevent any weird approval permissions that may result.

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