Upcoming Governance Vote: What to Expect

On Monday, January 24th, CryptoCitizens will begin voting on a provisional governance structure and the selection of City #5 in the roadmap. Before the vote, a draft proposal will be published to provide the community an opportunity for feedback.

What to expect

  • An off-chain Snapshot vote that is available for holders of CryptoCitizen NFTs.
  • A short list of articles that ratify the DAO, declare CryptoCitizens as members, and outline voting rights for CryptoCitizens.
  • A provisional article that authorizes the Bright Moments operating team (“the Core team”) to act on behalf of the DAO for a limited period of time to establish off-chain legal entities for the purpose of tax-reporting and corporate recognition.
  • A ranked-choice vote, presented as a proposal, to determine the location of City #5 from a list of options.

What not to expect

  • A completed set of guidelines and procedures for operating the DAO (e.g. SubDAOs, election process). This will be drafted as a community once the ability to vote is unlocked as part of the provisional governance ratification.
  • A complete shift to a decentralized operating model. Quoting from A Legal Framework for
    Decentralized Autonomous Organizations:

Enacting a decentralized system of control is a difficult task to undertake without complications. Turning over control of a DeFi protocol to a DAO must be balanced by a period where governance token holders are educated and grow into their responsibilities to promote responsible and educated governance. Absent a soft transition period, a DAO faces many threats if it too freely releases governance of its protocols.

As always, discussion and feedback are welcome. A draft version of the provisional governance structure will be posted next week as a new topic within the #meta-governance category.