Should we use Tezos Blockchain for SOME Bright Moments projects?

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The Ethereum blockchain is well-loved, well-used, and revered by most. And there are many good reasons for this. However, the continuing problem of stratospheric gas fees - a problem that might not be eased, somewhat, until late this year - is proving prohibitive to many a crypto newbie and veteran alike. I personally know teams who have unwillingly abandoned Ethereum for another chain simply in order to save their project. That shouldn’t be the case, but for now it is. I believe a simple solution to this is to launch some Bright Moments projects on another proven blockchain (Tezos is an option, Polygon soon. NOT Solana). There is nothing in the crypto world quite like a robust, flatulence - free NFT market such as Kalamint or fxhash (both on Tezos). Browsing and bingeing are supercharged. The whole scene lacks the typical anxiety experienced by most of us on Ethereum. Not to mention minting there. And the last thing we’d want to do is give a crypto newbie the idea or feeling that Eth is the only / best way to go, only for them to run into the nearest hole and delete their Metamask account after seeing those insane fees all around, with no apparent relief. Now, nearly gas-free is crypto-ecstasy. But the really great thing about this solution is the great thing about blockchains: none are exclusionary, demanding that it be the sole and only blockchain of choice for the crypto citizen. As for ‘life’ at these Off-Eth marketplaces, fxhash, for example - a generative art marketplace on Tezos - has seen a continuing surge in activity as Ethereum sojourners bask in quality, affordable art that rivals much of what the larger, older chain has to offer. Many top collectors are flocking there. It would be a triple-win, I believe, to bring one or two BM projects to Tezos, to experience life Off - Eth, and get a new perspective on possibilities rather than limiting our fate to one chain which has proven to be people and project - prohibitive. Out of necessity, perhaps, but it is what it is. And with the recent BTC-ETH near-50% fall, such a venture by Bright Moments is all the more important IMO, as attitudes about the two largest chains are undoubtedly sour in the minds of newbies who are struggling to grasp all this crypto stuff in the first place.

Btw, convertibility to Tezos (XTZ) can be difficult, especially for crypto-rookies who don’t have a Gemini account. My go-to over many months has been (I neither own, nor have an affiliation with this service).

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Eth gas has proven to be increasingly people and project - prohibitive

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Stay on Eth and it will somehow all work out…

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Start some newer Bright Moments projects on Tezos

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