Should holders of more unique cities have a higher chance of receiving an airdrop?

Raised by cleoclaudiu:

I think think it is the opposite, and the current system benefits whales more than what I am sugesting. I think doing the extra incentive will benefit people who hold. My suggestion was not to give extra chances to those who have more. But to those who have each city. In current system if a whale buys 10 tokens while there are only 2 cities out, he has 89% chance of getting dropped the next city ticket. If we make it so that someone needs the whole collection for extra chances then it is more financially stresfull to buy the entire set of cities. But if Jon Doe wants to collect all the cities and hold (which I assume we want to encourage) it is almost impossible for him to do so unless he is already a whale, because to buy the next 8 cities will cost 16 ETH at least. Now, if somehow Jon Doe gets to have 8 cities , he should be almost guaranteed to have the 9th, and the 10th because he is the man, he proved it , he is a holder, but he will only have 30% chance with current distribution rules. Do we agree that he should have a bigger chance at getting one? Another way to put it is that if by the 8th city there are only 200 people who hold the colection of 8 , they should probably have a guaranteed next city drop (200 out of 333) or at least have a higher chance pe token compared with someone who has only 1. It seems common sense to give extra chances to people who hold, and what I described above is a way to 1. encourage holding and 2. Find and keep the people who really believe in the project Thank you for reading!

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Hello – I like incentivizing people staking or who have citizens that have not moved wallets.

Beyond that 1citizen should equal 1 citizen in my opinion. Were already diverging from that with the GC’s getting a drop the other CCs aren’t eligible for, but thats justified by applying the current model relating new and old holders, retroactively. I think someone invested only in the city they reside in should not be discouraged or penalized with regards to airdrops.

I would not want to disincentivize using a hardware wallet in any way.


Could be spun as incentivizing moving to a HW wallet immediately, but I hear ya.

I personally think there should be no talk of incentives - except staking (which I see as a casual incentive) - until BM completes half of its world tour. BM is proven, yet still young and DAO members should be in it for the passion + mission first, profit second. IMO that is a natural filterer for quality participants. Also we have to consider the increasing threat of conflict stirring overseas that will undoubtedly affect Europe and BM’s activity there. Bloomberg - Are you a robot?

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i’m concerned watching discord general and the same account minting galacticans over and over, and then going to that accounts opensea and seeing a large number of galacticans.

does not seem organic… seems… strange…

No, then it starts getting political. Randomness = fairness IMO.

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