Should CryptoCitizens who vote gain preferential access to Golden Token drops?

:cool: tl;dr

Provide CryptoCitizen holders who participate in governance votes with preferential access to purchase a limited number of discounted Golden Tokens

:sunrise: Overview

We have received feedback that we should reward more active community members with an increased chance of receiving Golden Tokens.

CryptoCitizen holders can receive a Golden Token by:

  1. Purchasing through public sale / drop
  2. Winning a probabilistic airdrop
  3. Purchasing on secondary market

This model does not reward factors such as; time held, governance voting, participation in off-chain activities, etc. This proposal outlines a way to give preferential access to Golden Tokens to active CryptoCitizen holders based on who has voted in recent DAO governance proposals.

See: Selling Golden Tokens at a discount to CryptoCitizen holders

:warning: Problem

CryptoCitizen holders who are actively engaged in governance and community building are discouraged when disengaged members win Golden Tokens despite not contributing. This can reduce the incentive for members to contribute and creates a sense of frustration among active members.

:thought_balloon: Assumptions

  1. We can identify which wallets participate in governance votes
  2. We can restrict the purchase of Golden Token to a predetermined list of wallets
  3. We can allow certain wallets to purchase a fixed number of Golden Tokens proportional to the number of citizens that they hold at time of voting

:building_construction: Proposal

  • CryptoCitizen holders who participated in recent governance votes will be given preferential access to purchase Golden Tokens before a public sale / drop
  • For City 5, 50 Golden Tokens will be available through this method.
  • The 50 Golden Tokens allocated will be deducted from the 333 available for the existing CryptoCitizen community.
Should CryptoCitizens who vote gain preferential access to Golden Token drops?
  • Yes
  • No

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:thinking: Open Questions

  1. Should we restrict each wallet to a fixed number of Golden Tokens (e.g. 1) or allow wallets that hold more CryptoCitizens to purchase a larger number of discounted Golden Tokens?

:crystal_ball: Future Work

  • Develop improved ways of determining β€œactive members” besides participation in governance

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GTGB sell them to the public to raise money for GB drop

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