Should Bright Moments support remote minting?

In the beginning, Bright Moments minting was IRL only. This started with the CryptoVenetians, our first generative project. Minting IRL was out of necessity – we only wanted to give CryptoVenetians to people who visited our gallery. As we grew, we kept trappings of our IRL minting, but loosened the policy for specific situations (e.g. travel, covid, etc). Despite this, we’ve maintained a strong focus on physical minting events, including shows with generative artists like Tyler Hobbs, Jeff Davis, Boreta, Aaron Penne, etc. Our “IRL minting only” pitch was clear and people flew in from across the country to mint.

It was magical.

However, we are now an international organization. Travel isn’t as simple as hopping on a domestic flight. Geopolitical conflicts are ongoing. We’ve had a record number of people reach out to request remote minting.

Should Bright Moments allow remote minting for CryptoCitizens and Featured Artists? If so, under what conditions?

How do we make minting more accessible without losing the magic?

Should Bright Moments allow remote minting for CryptoCitizens?

  • Yes, definitely
  • Yes, but only for non-locals
  • No, IRL minting only

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My thoughts on this:

  • This is only for Berlin, other cities should be discussed after seeing how this goes
  • This should be unilateral, I do not like the idea of having different rules for different people, 1 citizen = 1 citizen (1 GTBR holder = 1 GTBR holder)
  • I do not no want to facetime/zoom mint
  • I think getting some thing in the mail would bring some of the magic back to mint if it is not in person
  • I understand there is not much time before mint

lipman commented:

i appreciate this topic being brought up for discussion. When I minted a Berlin pass at launch last year, I fully intended to travel overseas and mint. For different reasons, I won’t be able to make it now. I think opening remote minting would accomplish two things:

  • enable ppl like me to mint (if you so choose)
  • create a more liquid secondary market by not restricting buyers to IRL minting.

I also think it doesn’t demean the bright moments experience. For those that can be there, then awesome. Enjoy the IRL experience. But I think there’s value in widening the oppty for ppl that can’t be there in person. My 2c :slightly_smiling_face:


Lots of good discussion in Discord. Some highlights:

Sameer A.K. said:

I too would have loved to mint IRL as a BRT holder, but unfortunately I will not be able to travel to mint.

I think there should be some kind of pathway for remote minting either through surrogate or online minting.

I believe that the IRL event and opportunity in and of itself will create IRL attendance and minting and it should still be at the ethos of what CryptoCitizens is about - especially for those tokens that are given to locals.

However I must agree that this ideal of upholding IRL only minting does create some heavy downsides in natural appeal of secondary sales and those who would buy a token but end up not buying because they cannot IRL mint.

TL:DR - I would like to see some option for those token holders who live outside of the host city and want to mint without physically having to be in attendance.

newinn said:

At the risk of offering a different opinion as a newcomer… I think the principle of IRL minting is really powerful part of this community (and it was the main thing that attracted me to BM) and I’d like to see it stay.

I think that by IRL minting is the forcing function to creating a diverse and physically international crypto community. Without it, I’d be worried about how concentrated and mono-cultural CryptoCitizens will become when people can just mint from their bedroom.

Also, I think it’s just really cool for new local people to be initiated into the CryptoCitizens by the existing crowd of converts - like a cult :laughing:

The downside of enforcing IRL minting is that it’s short-term worse for existing CryptoCitizens (though maybe long-term better) and will likely depress the price of Golden Tickets in the secondary market.

Disclaimer: I’m in London, don’t own a CryptoCitizen, and don’t really have a vote, just a voice :smile:

TheMatthewA said:

So far I’ve minted in person and lined up for Berlin but it will be very very difficult to get to all the cities and I do have the mint pass for all of them. I’d love to see remote mint possibilities for that reason. So having the locals mint in person and an option for the other mint passes as mentioned above could be good.

I guess it depends on what you want to reinforce. If it’s a network of cryptocitizens with strong hubs in every city around the world I don’t know that you wouldn’t make even more mintpasses for locals than the current allocation and just have a small number for anyone.

I know it’s been talked about before, wanting to have communities all over the world that persist so really however locals can be incentivized to sustain that makes sense to me. As a collector that makes it really difficult but if it’s meant to be a community more than a collection then maybe that makes sense.

zkoperator said:

I also got into Bright Moments just for the IRL experience. Having a community of like-minded people here in Berlin is exactly what I’m looking for. I am already part of many online communities and this is your USP. However, I understand everything that has been said before. Maybe remote minting could work with a some restrictions? A few ideas (just brainstorming):

– only allow a certain % of the whole collection to be minted remotely (to make sure that Kraftwerk is not empty and you spend a lot of money for nothing and have a bedroom community)
– don’t allow the golden tokens which are dropped to the local community to mint remotely
– maybe make people apply for remote minting (so as to check whether they have real reasons?)
– if you mint remotely, maybe implement a lockup of the token for 6/12/X months after mint (in order to fight remote flippers?)
– offer some incentive for people to mint IRL (although the experience itself is already a huge incentive. but it would e.g. be cool if you increased the odds of receiving a golden token for future cities if you attended IRL. this way you reward people who are travelling with you around the world)

newinn added:

Another ideas to add to @zkoperator 's list: - allow minting outside of the initial launch windows in each city, so that those who have tokens but can’t make it to the city within a certain date can still hold onto those tokens with the intention to mint at a future date when they can make it to the city. This would also relieve the artificial downward pressure on token prices on the secondary market, and give people a good excuse to make a future trip to meet fellow CryptoCitizens in another part of the world and mint.

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yeahx1000 said:

agreed, the IRL aspect is where the gold is in my opinion, builds a more solid community than remote minting can.

GTM said:

I’m kinda surprised we’re exploring non-IRL minting. I think that is the special sauce and my main reason for joining – you had to get to the location and interact with others and experience it together. It’s what makes going to a festival with friends so special. Shared experiences and memories.

I’m against personal remote minting – but I wonder if there could be something like TED does every year … they have a remote location where people get together and watch the stream and still get to share and talk and bond.

What if BM offered an alternative US-remote location that still forced remote ppl in the US to gather IRL, just not travel internationally? I’m sure the easy default would be NY or LA but I would encourage something that still made people travel and show their commitment (bonding through earning the experience) and have it in some place in the middle of the US.

I’m pretty new here, so forgive me if this has been discussed to death, but it feels like the minting price is the bigger problem to solve. It seems higher than the market desires.

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CaramelNYC said:

I definitely think that the local giveaways should be required to mint IRL. I also feel like people who purchased a token bought knowing that IRL minting was a requirement, therefore they should also be made to mint IRL. Maybe do local mints in Venice for CV’s and Soho for CNY’s? but then again, they received it for free, rules should be followed… RE the mint packs, that’s tricky, as you don’t know what cities you’ll need to travel to to mint… I think that in all cases, minting should be IRL, either in the token’s city, or in the available galleries in previous cities… IRL minting is part of the DNA of the CryptoCitizens, we shouldn’t loose that! just my 2C

patrickamadon said:

remote minting is a death sentence for the project. it’s what defines the community/experience

I definitely think that with the current state of affairs, opening up remote minting to owners of Golden Tokens is the best way to go.

Travel is difficult for many right now, and I fear that those unable to travel will soon be undercutting the floor in extreme ways as the time to mint comes closer.

Also, as many others brought up, it could raise the value of Golden Tokens to more reasonable levels if travel isn’t mandatory for minting.

Yet, if people in Berlin are seeking to join the IRL community as token holders, it only makes sense to attend IRL in order to recieve a free mint.

Thx yall!


Same here. I was looking to go to Berlin but now looking for options since I wont be able to travel. My plan was to ask a friend of mine that lives in Berlin to attend the irl minting but I rather mint remotely since its probably too much to ask to him specially since he usually works at night. If he wasn’t available to help me I wont have other option than selling my golden pass which sucks since my intention was to collect all 10 citizens.

Its too late to have a metaverse version of Kraftwerk for minting?

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Maybe for future mints we can have a certain % of golden passes that are just for remote minting and then regular irl passes? Other option could be remote mint only available for current holders. If you want to mint remotely you have to mint irl at least once.


Read most of the comm’s here - thanks Phil - and will try to keep my $2.75 simple (current Metrocard price. Ima NYer). I voted for Remote Minting for Non-Locals, but want to add that if 1. in the event of disruptive local events making IRL minting dangerous or impossible (a protest where streets surrounding Wooster are blocked, for example), IRL Minting on that day / those days should be postponed for everyone, and Remote Minting could be offered to everyone for the duration of the disruptive event. 2. A geopolitical conflict like the Ukrainian invasion should result immediately in a Remote Mint option, and the promotion of unity within Bright Moments, as emotions can and will fly high due to concerns, worries, and general mental unrest. Not all political conflicts will be of the same nature, so Discretion is key, here. 3. I simply want to restate and hopefully popularize what Matthew A said (quoted by Phil): “…wanting to have communities all over the world…makes sense to me. As a collector…[it’s] really difficult but if it’s meant to be a community more than a collection then maybe that makes sense.” For me, Matt nailed the innate inner-conflict for many BM members. Such conflicts will get agitated in light of a situation like Ukraine. Personally I would say I’m in it 75% for community and 25% for asset appreciation. Perhaps a simple survey along those lines would be fruitful.

Chao added:

Just listened to the remote minting recording. It is important to keep our IRL tradition, IMO that’s the way keep to Bright Monments strong and unique. IRL make us stay together, bring more trust between individual and make a strong city based communities. Then we can use a Metaverse city to connect citizens from all 10 cities together. (edited)

I am not against remote minting but i hope there will be a decent way to do it. Btw, i am not able to visit Berlin as well.

When i bought the mint pack, i know i won’t be able to visit most of them at opening seasons, or probably will miss all of them. I didn’t care about that because as long as the mint stay open, i am gonna to visit those cities sooner or later, and it give me a great reason to travel around the world. I asked about this and the answer was yes, you don’t have to come at the opening night. I might have some misunderstanding because my original question was what if i missed the opening night. I should ask what if i miss the entire opening season:)

newinn said:

Also just listened to the recording, it’s a shame that there’s a move towards towards remote/satellite minting IMO. It will be interesting to see how that impacts the strength of non-US communities. But regardless, I’m still super pumped to experience in person what this is all about when London is launched :sunglasses:

While I fully agree that IRL minting is super special (and helps to make Bright Moments NFTs distinctive from other projects), given what’s happening in the world around us, if a person who does not live in a minting city has purchased a token, providing the remote minting option seems practical. Maybe we should highly encourage individuals who live in a minting city mint IRL to get the benefit of the IRL minting experience.

In favour of these suggestions!

Voting on this topic is now live: Snapshot