Should Berlin attendance tickets be distributed to all CryptoCitizen holders?

The current plan is for each of the 1,000 Berlin minters to receive 9 free attendance NFT’s, allowing them to bring friends/family or sell on secondary (9,000 attendance NFT’s total).

I am proposing that we reward current CryptoCitizens holders with a percentage of the attendance NFT’s.

One potential breakdown would be for each CryptoCitizen to receive 2 attendance tickets. This way they have the option to bring a friend (following the BM mission of educating and bringing new people into the space).

The remaining attendance ticket NFTs can be distributed in Berlin.

After all, Bright Moments is about IRL experiences. What better than to bring together the old and new Crypto Citizens for this momentous event?

If you’re not able to attend, what is the value of this ticket?

  • Potentially zero if there isn’t enough demand for the tickets. If we’re able to encourage (and potentially reward) attendance, attendance tickets could be sold in secondary. My ideas for this in the comments below.

Additional idea:

I was thinking about the issue of how do we increase demand for the attendance ticket NFTs? How do we make the travel costs more justified?

We could reward those who “show up” and attend the event. If an attendance ticket holder goes to a Berlin minting, their attendance ticket NFT will transform into a CC derivative. If the attendance ticket holder does not attend, they can sell on secondary or keep their honorary ticket.

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I think this is a great idea. Perhaps we can utilize poaps to incentive irl attendances. If a citizens attends X amount of meetups they can claim 2 GA Berlin Tickets.

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