Sharing current restrictions and travel tips for upcoming countries (Germany, UK)


Not even an announcement on Covid restrictions and tips and advice for travel. so personal opinion but it’s the teams responsibility to help the community understand what is needed to travel to each of these chosen countries

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But a lot of covid restrictions are totally ridiculous and are very fluid, and aren’t followed, or followed extremely. What if BM said “germany restrictions are lifted” and you got there and they weren’t?

This area is messy and everyone should DYOR imo


I respectfully disagree that it’s Bright Moments responsibility to communicate travel restrictions/ requirements. People are traveling from all over the world and I’d say it’s a waste of effort for the team to communicate what we can look up as individuals.

You can use Google for that.

I am surprised at many comments here. This is probably one of the most important topics - both time-wise and ‘politically’, since we are unfortunately heading toward a possible war. Being stranded overseas is probably the worst situation for foreigners. This is a little different from travelling within the US under the same conditions. I will politely say that IMO it’s everyone’s responsibility to get up-to-date info for the sake of knowledge and safety overseas. I propose that Bright Moments post a weekly Berlin Update, based on reliable news sources here and abroad. The information might at times be conflicting, but as long as we get a good general idea of the state of things, that’s much better than smoking hopium.

(In light of the upcoming Berlin + London trips)

…Tensions also escalated on the ground, as shelling broke out in eastern Ukraine, where a low-intensity war between Russia-supported separatists and the Ukrainian military has killed 14,000 since 2014. Both sides claim the other violated a ceasefire, but Ukraine contends shelling by the rebels intensified throughout the day. The White House is warning that a false-flag operation may be underway to create cover for a further Russian invasion. Russia, which already occupies Crimea, has denied any such plans or any intention to attack. Ukraine officials say they are preparing defenses for whatever comes. - Bloomberg