Selling Golden Tokens at a discount to CryptoCitizen holders

In each new city, we sell 1/3 of the Golden Tokens to fund the operations in the city and distribute another 1/3 via a free airdrop to CryptoCitizen holders.

Should we instead offer a discounted sale of Golden Tokens to CryptoCitizens instead of a free airdrop? Doing this would help interested collectors have access to the mint without needing to rely on luck or buy at full price from secondary.

@yimfinity@2217 raised this point in the Discord:

I think offering a benefit (discount or something analogous to everyone instead of just a few select winners) provides a higher probability of keeping people engaged. There were 219 people that won GTB which is great but that also means there were 2870 or whatever CCs that didn’t (edited)

Some of them probably aren’t as engaged, but a good way to continue to reward engagement is through consistent benefits over time that are opt-in like purchasing an option, etc.

If you look at the people who sell, it’s often people who quickly did right after they got it for free. Nothing wrong with that and Im not suggesting this can be driven away, or is even desirable to do so. But that person that is holding because they believe in the DAO or is willing to put the time preference / investment in, should get something out of it. And if it’s not price appreciation in the underlying, then these unique experiences like minting a Hobbs or Davis, or Rituals, are definitely valuable, and can be offered accordingly. As far as the price discount or how to avoid a gas war, I think those are good topics to discuss. My point was more that the benefit should ideally be spread to as many of the CCs as possible and not just 11% for example.


Again, from yimfinity#2217:

one idea i brainstormed last night to provide utility to all CC holders was instead of having a giveaway for 1/3 of a city, maybe you can offer 25/50/75% off the price of the GT to existing CC holders for that 1/3 allotment. so every CC gets some benefit and the only people that exercise it are the ones that continue to fund future CC development. this is the closest thing i could think of that is similar to the successful airdrop mints that other projects have done. maybe its first come first serve up to 333 per city for existing CC holders.


Another idea instead of the giveaway is to sell raffle tickets to CCs for the 1/3 giveaway. So the active CC are still funding the project while still providing value to the CCs. Similar to the discount idea.

Honestly not sure if I like this idea myself, but maybe it will lead to some other ideas.

I like the raffle idea but both idea have merit. Use them both depending on need ?