RFP: How should we distribute the 7 unclaimed GTBR?

:cool: tl;dr

~98% of the GTBR earmarked for the CryptoCitizen distribution were claimed! However, there are still 7 remaining that were not claimed during the first two airdrops. We need a proposal for what to do with these tokens.

:sunrise: Overview

333 GTBR were earmarked for probabilistic distribution to the CryptoCitizen community. The Random Collector Selector was used to determine which CryptoCitizens were selected to receive a GTBR. The post outlining the process and winners can be found here.

326/333 GTBR were claimed across two airdrops. We are requesting proposals from the CryptoCitizen community on the best way to distribute the remaining 7 GTBR.

:warning: Problem

  • 7 GTBR remain unclaimed
  • The Random Collector Selector uses Chainlink VRF (Verifiable Random Function); a provably-fair and verifiable source of randomness designed for smart contracts. This is expensive (several ETH) and only worth it if determining how to randomly allocate a large number of tokens.
  • Running a third RCS requires a large amount of operational effort from the core team. It is probably not worth it to conduct an entire RCS process for 7 tokens.

:thought_balloon: Assumptions

  • There are no outstanding claims on the 7 GTBR

:building_construction: (Request for) Proposal

We are requesting that CryptoCitizens submit proposals with ideas on how to distribute the remaining 7 GTBR. Here is how to do so:

  • Create a topic in the Proposal Discussion category
  • Prefix subject with “GTBR RFP Response:”
  • Add #temp-check and #cc-gtbr-distribution tags
  • Use the template to and fill out the sections with your proposal (see example proposals here and here)

Proposals will be accepted until Monday, February 14th. After that time, proposals will be reviewed by the core team. Proposals that are deemed operationally possible will be put forward to a vote to determine which option the DAO will use to distribute the 7 GTBR.

:thinking: Potential Solutions

  • Use a Discord based #giveaway
  • Award GTBR based on merit to active members of the community
  • Return them to the treasury to be minted on behalf of the DAO
  • Sell them at a discount to CryptoCitizens to raise additional capital for a Berlin program (e.g. missionary program flights)
  • Sell them to the public to raise money for charity
  • Anything else the community may come up with :slight_smile:

:no_entry_sign: Constraints

  • The proposal should be operationally simple to implement (i.e. require <1 ETH and <5 hours of person-time)
  • The proposal should describe how to distribute all 7 GTBR (i.e. proposals that only cover how to distribute 1 GTBR will be disqualified)

I’ll arm wrestle anyone for one of these.


I would go for the Discord giveaway to current holders with the #degen role or do a Twitter giveaway to draw attention to the brand(marketing).


do a Twitter giveaway to draw attention to the brand(marketing).

Good idea. Mind submitting this as a proposal (or encouraging another CC holder to do so on your behalf)?


discord giveaway could be good as it’s automated and randomized (we just need to figure out if people who won already can qualify to win again or is it only going to be for those who haven’t won in previous rounds and if so how do we track that since people can move the token out to a different wallet). If anyone can participate even if they won once or several times before - then yes, discord will be a good solution.

I also really like the idea of selling discounted tokens to fund the flights etc for missionary program, this way more active holders will get the amazing opportunity to go to Berlin and engage with the local community and help us onboard more people.


There are 7 remaning tickets left for the community and just over 7 weeks until we start minting

Proposal - Bright Moments Trivia
Give away one GTB to CryptoCitizen holders every week (starting 2/16 ending 3/30).

Every Wednesday on the BrightMoments Twitter Spaces have BM staff reveal facts about themselves.

Once the the Space ends, have the mods in Discord ask a question in reference to the facts discussed.

First CryptoCitizen, not holding a GTB, to answer the question correctly wins

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I have given some thought to this, and while the other ideas are all great, I have another proposal. This proposal is aligned with the idea of rewarding active voting Crypto Citizens, similar to the Golden Token London Brightlist pre-sale.


  1. Pull the wallet addresses for Crypto Citizens who participated in the BRT-5 City #5 Vote

  2. Take this list, and REMOVE wallets that have already claimed a GTBR in the airdrop (or won but did not claim). Do not exclude wallets that may hold a GTBR’s because they purchased or received on secondary.

  3. Equal-weight the remaining wallet addresses from the BRT-5 City vote, and randomly distribute the remaining 7 to these seven of these addresses. Equal-weight, meaning whether the address holds 1 or 5 Crypto Citizens, the probability of receiving 1 of the remaining 7 is equal.

The goal of doing this is: (i) reward active Crypto Citizens, and (ii) increase the probability of Crypto Citizen holders receiving a GTBR that likely had lower chances in the airdrop, but who are engaged Crypto Citizens.


How about a community game like what BAYC just did with apes vs. mutants? Top 7 places win it?

This would be very cool long-term. In the short term, I don’t think we will be able to develop a mobile game for this purpose.

However, some type of community-based competition could be really fun. I wonder if there is a way to tie in IRL events at local Bright Moments galleries (e.g. scavenger hunt, trivia, etc).

I fell like the remaining 7 GTs should definitely find homes with current citizens. Yes doing a giveaway outside the community might generate some hype but I do think every effort should be made to distribute all 333 golden tokens amongst the community as originally planned. I like futureace’s idea based on citizens who voted or a discord degen giveaway. The extra effort will be appreciated by active citizens, keeps us engaged and adds to the credibility of the core team.

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Active citizens who have voted feels like a solid way to encourage participation with a great incentive.

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