Reward Snapshot Voters With Increased Airdrop Odds

:cool: tl;dr

Double the airdrop odds of winning a CryptoCitizen minting reservation for wallets that participate in the upcoming City governance vote.

:sunrise: Overview

We have discussed ways to reward voters, notably Should CryptoCitizens who vote gain preferential access to Golden Token drops?, and more recently in Increasing CryptoCitizen Voting Participation.

The feedback from these suggestions has been positive, but we haven’t implemented voting incentives yet.

:warning: Problem

  • Despite our number of unique holders increasing, our % of voters is decreasing for our most important votes
  • People are busy, and it’s hard to stay engaged and have enough context to know which online community votes are worth paying attention to

:thought_balloon: Assumptions

  • People who vote on snapshot will not move their Citizens to a different wallet between the vote and the airdrop snapshot

:building_construction: Proposal

Wallets that participate in City Selection snapshot votes will receive a 2x multiplier on their odds for any CryptoCitizens held during the subsequent city’s Citizen airdrop.

This modification would not allow the same CryptoCitizen to win two minting reservations, it would simply double the odds that the Citizen is chosen during the raffle.


i support this proposal

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great, simple idea. in favor

I struggle to see the downside. Let’s do this!

I support this proposal. As a counter the the counter argument that it may alienate less active members… so long as everyone gets 1 entry and the incentive to voting is well publicized it seems like it would make most people feel less alienated. Those active members with one citizen are hoping for an airdrop but the odds are pretty low. A full set is still only a 1 in 3 chance of winning… not sure the probability per citizen is… 1 in 15?.. My math is probably off. There should be no stigma for rewarding active members and encouraging more participation. Voting literally takes seconds and I feel like advertising this new incentive will greatly increase participation.