Provide an airdrop for all CryptoCitizen holders

Hashashin | House of Kek#0827 raised:

We should do an airdrop for all holders to give people a reason to buy instead of just making new mints that dilute the project.

Currently, our airdrops have been limited to raffles that only reward winning CryptoCitizens. Are there benefits (e.g. claimable virtual merch) that we can let everyone claim, even if they don’t win a Golden Token raffle?


I know ever since Uni, airdrops have been the rage (and are great!) but I see BM as a different type of crypto animal that doesn’t follow the crowd ‘just because’. I think if we start doing what everyone else is doing we’ll slowly become a hybrid of ‘everyone else’ and BM, rather than the purest Bright Moments we could be, and need to be, for the world, for crypto, and for the DAO itself. I’d like to see myself way more involved in BM. That’s kind of the only thing on my mind right now.

some people are minting large numbers of galacticans, like a couple of accounts hold 50+ between the 2, so any raffle/vote is going to go in their favor.

how have a couple people gained access to a majority of galacticans?
why were galacticans created?
who do the galacticans benefit the most in the way the are currently distributed?