Provide amenities for Golden Token holders who travel to mint


I like the whole concept of the project and the minting experience. At least I buy for the fun not so much for the investment. If there’s anything I would like to ask is for some travel discounts for people like me that want to mint in Berlin😆

We offered CryptoNewYorkers a discount at the CitizenM hotel in Manhattan. Are there other amenities we can offer in future cities to incentivize people to attend?


I am not convinced by hotel discounts, unless very substantial, as many will choose to rent an AirBnB, stay/share with friends etc to reduce costs - and hotels with small discounts are still expensive.

What could be fun are community organised side events. For example, in Berlin the minting will be in evening parties, so daytime art events, lunches, dinners etc.


This is a good point. We did have a number of visitors utilize our discount at the CitizenM hotel while visiting Manhattan, but coordinated community events during the day would be a wonderful addition to the experience.


Community events are always productive and fun. Especially surrounding events like NFTNYC, Art Basel to name a few.