Proposed New Nomination System

Hey team, so I was listening in on the Twitter stream about Berlin, and I’ve been thinking about how best to distribute the nomination-related CryptoBerliners in Berlin given how things have transpired in the past. I think a new approach is warranted, so I suggest the following (I call it the college application method and acknowledge that it may not be perfect and may have some holes):

  1. It sounded like there will be 10 mass minting rave sessions, so first it must be determined how many nomination-related CryptoBerliners will be awarded during each minting session (let’s call that X).
  2. Before each mint session (timing TBD), open an application period where people can come in person to fill out an application to win one of the X Berliners that will be minted during that mint session.
  3. To receive an application, applicants must show proof of being a Berliner (possibly broader geography). In a perfect world they also cannot be a current Citizen, but I don’t know how you can police that.
  4. Applications for each mint session should be capped at a reasonable amount (reasonableness dependent on X) because they will be reviewed (see below).
  5. At the end of each application period for a mint session, the submitted applications get divided up equally amongst a team of current Citizens who can be counted on to not be swayed or influenced by the identity of the applicants themselves (thereby avoiding an claims or nepotism, etc.).
  6. Each reviewer will review their allocated applications and rank them (1 to Z) based based on the quality of the submissions.
  7. The reviewers will then get together as a group and go around the table by rank rounds (like a draft), with each reviewer presenting the relevant ranked round applicant for all of the reviewers to vote on.
  8. A majority of the reviewers must vote “yes” on an application for that applicant to win a mint.
  9. When all of the allocation for that mint session have been voted “yes”, the review session is closed.
  10. Maybe choose an extra 10 applicants in case the winners don’t mint.