Proposal to make Bright Moments a Carbon Neutral Project

:cool: tl;dr

The world is burning and the Ethereum blockchain has a substantial carbon footprint ( Comparable to the carbon footprint of Hong Kong). We should do our part to offset the emissions associated to the minting of Crypto Citizens.

:sunrise: Overview

Weeks like this one will only become more frequent and should serve as a reminder that as a global community of art, culture, and crypto enthusiasts - we must do our part to help curb climate change

:warning: Problem

Using the Ethereum network currently uses a heck of a lot of energy (see Digiconomist report below) as it still uses the Proof of Work consensus mechanism to record transactions. This high energy consumption is largely what fuels the anti-NFT narrative and is therefore also an ethical barrier to entering the space for many.

:building_construction: Proposal

Thankfully, there are a range of tools out there to calculate the carbon footprint of an NFT collection (Nori and Aerial), and associated tools to purchase carbon removals credits (offsets) that take that amount of carbon out of the atmosphere (Nori, Aerial, Patch, Carbonfuture and Moss).

According to Aerial’s calculator, Crypto Citizens’ contract addresses used for the NY, Galaxy, Venice, Berlin, London collection’s has contributed to 14,857 tonnes of C02 emissions to date:

  • 0xbDdE08BD57e5C9fD563eE7aC61618CB2ECdc0ce0
  • 0xa7d8d9ef8D8Ce8992Df33D8b8CF4Aebabd5bD270

It would be great if the community voted to offset these transactions once the London collection has been fully minted. <3

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:notebook: References

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