Project Spotlight: A new way for CryptoCitizens to showcase their projects

:sunrise: Overview

A new event, ‘Project Spotlight’ by Bright Moments, is a way for CryptoCitizens holders to showcase their artwork or projects that they are passionate about.

We will open the floor to four CryptoCitizen holders to be able to present works on Thursday from 5-6pm at our new Venice location.

Each presenter will have 15 minutes to present with access to a screen to show their work.

The first Project Spotlight will be held in Venice on Feb. 10th from 5-6pm.

:warning: Problem

Many CryptoCitizen holders are also artists, but don’t yet have a place to show their art or pitch their project ideas to the greater community. There is no intermediate step between “send someone a link to my project” and “do a full show”.

:thought_balloon: Assumptions

  • CC holders want to present their work/or other projects work
  • That we have community members who are starting their own NFT projects

:building_construction: Proposal

  • Host a recurring event where CryptoCitizen holders are able to present their work to an audience using the Bright Moments screen display software
  • Presenting is token-gated to CryptoCitizen holders, but anyone from the community is invited to attend
  • For the first event, we have already identified members of the community to present their work, but for future events we hope to establish a process for CryptoCitizen holders to submit a request to present

:thinking: Open Questions

  • How should future presenters be selected?

:crystal_ball: Future Work

  • This can be made a standard event for CryptoCitizens in other locations, which gives more places for the community to engage.
  • Establish a community driven process to select who is going to present

Presenters should be curation-selected. A monthly ‘disposable’ board of 4 curators - The Four - can be voted on by the community (4 to keep the curation process simple when The Four have to vote in order to select future presenters). Each month this group can be entirely replaced with a new Four…this helps to prevent politics and keeps the presentations fresh!