Private voting for CryptoCitizens

Dr. Benton Banner said

Dao voting should be anonymous to the public for safety reasons. There could easily be a situation where members of the community are marginalized bc of the way they voted. Just saying

Responses include:

Are there tools or technologies as well supported as Snapshot which allow for private voting with verifiable ownership of CryptoCitizens?

Because of how this DAO is structured, a limited number of people hold a large % of the tokens. For this reason i think its important for voting to remain public to know if the Core Team is able to control votes on their own or if they have true community support.

I agree with lah here - for now, the transparency to know how dominant the core team are in the outcome of votes vs. the wider community is important.

If there was a way to have that transparency above, but privacy for individuals, then that would be ideal