Newb friendly metaverse gallery

One of the key benefits to holding a CC is the great art work in the treasury. I would propose that a easy to use, easy to share, gallery space be set up to showcase the art to those who cannot visit an IRL Bright Moments gallery. The current space in Decentraland is awesome but its difficult to find, requires a PC and last I checked only showcased Crypto Venetians. A space that could be easily linked on websites/twitter/discord and work on both mobile and pc could help onboard new peeps and also give current citizens an direct link to the community’s impressive collection (Rituals, Reflection, Incomplete Control). Something like oncyber. I’ve only visited other gallery’s and not set up my own yet… so I don’t know much about setting one up or the costs involved but I’m sure there are many people in the community that could help out with the details. Thanks!

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Yes we need to invest more into our decentraland gallery

Looping in @FutureAce who has more information on our virtual gallery. I believe we have a token that grants us the ability to host a gallery using a new web3 platform.

@HelloGo0dbye this is a great idea. We do have a nice oncyber gallery asset “Brute,” that we plan to load with treasury holdings such as Incomplete Control, Rituals, CryptoPunk, Reflections, and other Crypto Citizen assets. The gallery is held in the multi-sig, and we will focus on getting it operational soon. Stay tuned!


Nice! Looking forward to this. Thanks for the update

We also have a gallery in Decentraland here: https://brightmoments.dcl.eth/

@davey recently asked this in #general, and we historically have not done a great job of promoting this venue.