Local irl benefits for Holders

:sunrise: Overview

During my time in NFT land I notice that there are certain elements that people pay more attention to when debating about buying/holding/selling a NFT:

  • Utility

  • Community

  • Future outlook

Covering this 3 elements is key to keeping the project relevant and all sides of the market happy.

:warning: Problem

I believe that some people are debating whether a CC have enough utility to hold long term. Right now most of the utility is attached to having access to new NFTs but now that the project is going overseas there could be a challenge of people not being able to travel to mint their Token(travel cost, COVID restrictions/scare, bad timing vs minting window etc.). Also just some people don’t have the money for buying more Tokens/passes and selling might be the only visible value.

:building_construction: Proposal

My proposal is to make local partnerships in each city, hosting a CC, that will bring every CC some benefits for holding a Token. For example I’m in New York and holding a CNY:

  • Maybe I can get a little discount for the next NFT NYC?
  • Raffle some physical art from a local artist or some kind of in-studio experience.
  • Special meetups with happy hour/cocktail in a local bar.
  • Pop up NY shop with CC stuff.

I believe this things can bring value in all three elements + make this trip even more fun. Also connects the Token even more to the local community that it represents.

:thinking: Open Questions

Now I guess is how/who/when. I think we can start by looking at current holders. There’s maybe people that have access/contacts to possible experiences and may be willing to offer them to the community. A kind of a CC experiences hub of some sort only for local holders.

The other question is: what benefit can we give back to a possible partner, specially non holders partner? Publicity? Partners tokens? People buying their stuff(if an event in a bar for example).


you make some great points. I will be running the nyc operations at our gallery and would love to connect with you irl. Starting today we will be hosting an office hours m, t, w, f & a meetup/discussion every Thursday at the SoHo Gallery. Hope to see you there. From 4p-6p

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Hey Luis –

I am a proponent of local utility for CryptoCitizen holders. This idea has been discussed since the very early days of the CryptoVenetian project and I believe there is significant potential here.

My advice would be to make sure that we are choosing partnerships that feel high-quality. We won’t want to cheapen the CryptoCitizen experience by negotiating a deal that is not exclusive or available to anyone who asks.

Your proposals feel directionally correct, although I think that the specific partnership matters. For example, our relationship with Menotti’s is special because of their heritage in Venice Beach and how deeply involved the team is in the CryptoVenetian project. We want to make sure that the businesses we are working with are invested in the future of the project and it doesn’t feel transactional.

Regarding next steps, I would suggest creating a feedback form or survey for CryptoCitizen holders who are also artists / creatives / business owners and determining whether they would consider this type of partnership. Feel free to share the form in the Discord or through this forum. Once we have a large enough sample size I would love to see the responses shared here.

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This sounds like a great way to add utility and strengthen community involvement. I don’t live in any of these cities but travel often to both SoCal and NYC. I’d certainly take advantage of IRL utility. A bit off topic… but another way to add utility might be an easily accessible gallery in the metaverse showcasing the DAO assets. Rituals, Incomplete Control, Reflection… It would be nice to be able to visit a well organized, easily accessed (thinking via mobile device or pc) gallery “space”. I know the team has been working super hard on governance items… maybe this is enough a priority to include in the constitution? Something along the lines of protecting the art assets from liquidation and forming a “vault gallery”. Sorry for the off topic tangent but maybe speaks to the problem of adding utility and strengthening community

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We actually have a Metaverse gallery in Decentraland that Lastraum and the Last Slice team created. It needs some more attention: Decentraland

I’ve been to the Decentraland gallery. Its a great space. I have some further thoughts but I’ll open a discussion in the feedback section so as not too get too far off the IRL utility proposal here. Thanks!

I would love to but I wont be back to NY till probably late February-early March. Taking my remote work somewhere else for a bit to skip the cold weather. If the office hours are still up when I’m back I will be there. If not hope we can still talk in some other way!

Thanks for the feedback. I was also thinking about a survey to gather community feedback. Will make one and share it here for some feedback before sharing it in Discord or any other platform.


I think we should target two groups of people - local holders or those who travel into CryptoCities frequently, and those who are completely distanced form locations. Assumption - last group is probably holding for speculative purposes more than anything. For locals, again, my assumption, one of the biggest drivers to hold CC is the feel of exclusivity it gives. Totally agree that local perks like free gallery passes are a good way to continue providing it. A bit different type of activity that will help create a stronger sense of belonging and community is volunteer/charity opportunities organized for CCs. All those types of events can have +1 (or whatever reasonable number) of guest invites, so the exclusivity doesn’t become too lonely :grin:

I can helping to do surveys to understand the motivation behind holding CCs and open-ended questions to learn what expectations people have for the NFT.


Please do! I would be happy to review a draft and help signal boost it in the server.

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Awesome! I’ll aim to create the draft by the end of this weekend. - scratch that! @LuisM has already volunteered to make a draft.

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Will share it here so you can also take a look and give feedback before sharing it with the community.


the gallery in decentraland could be an important meetup place when the international citizenry requires a coming together for events, social gatherings announcement and eventually minting.

the question is : is it a public space or a BM only space or both with a section for the citizens to gather in a unique community.

i noticed Last Slice has not been active in their BM server re discord. Happy to re invigorate.

Hi @philm @meowshka here’s a draft of the survey. Feel free of providing any feedback. Same with whoever is reading this:


  • I added the option of non holders just in case there’s people who are interested in the project even tough they don’t currently hold any NFT from the collection. Does this makes sense?

  • If the user answers “No” in the 4th question the survey will end.

  • Asked for their discord username for next steps in case they are interested in being part of the “experience hub”.

@LuisM, thank you!

This survey is focused on people who want to provide services, I think as a two-sided market, we need to survey CC holders about what kind of services/events they want to see. I can draft survey for this part.

Also, any particular reason to ask for wallet address in the survey?

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I asked for the wallet in case we need to validate that they own a CC. Maybe is unnecessary and we can eliminate that question. Any thoughts @philm?

I think it’s okay to just ask for CC number and trust that the people responding are telling the truth. Once @meowshka takes a pass at the demand-side of this survey I’ll review :+1:

Thanks again for doing this!

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@philm @LuisM just jotted this down https://forms.gle/ZU4ea6yEJXJteSoq5
I deliberately want to have it as an anonymous form so people are more comfortable sharing their motivation. Looking forward to your feedback.

glad to see we’re talking about utility more

Thanks. To be honest I’m not sure about this survey just because people can ask for anything but then what is realistic? If anything maybe we can create wider categories like: access to events, product discounts, NFT related perks(WL access, air drops etc), branded merch, travel perks(to whoever want to mint overseas), art related experiences, gastronomy related experiences, educational experiences(maybe Web3 related education) etc.

Any toughts @philm?