Limit Berlin Collection minting to the timeframe of NFT ART Berlin

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Limit Berlin Collection minting to April 6-23 and any unused and/or unsold tokens after the 23rd become invalid.

As mentioned in discord, the implicit expectation was that the mint passes would only be valid for the duration of the event in berlin.

The current situation is that mint passes will remain purchasable until sold out. this could be well after nft art berlin ends. this information was not made available when mint passes went on sale and did not become apparent until after the 5E mint passes sold out.

  1. event specific mints should only be mintable during the event
  2. punishes early collectors as this information was not made available when mint passes went on sale.
  3. Artwork was created for reveal in a specific venue and at a large scale. that scale is the way these artworks were designed to be minted/created, therefore that is the only way they should be minted

see conversation here: Discord


As a full Berlin Mint Pass buyer, I am in 100% agreement with this. I asked several times before the event for clarification, and it was not provided until much later on. Given the focus on the in-person Berlin event, the implicit assumption was that these would only be mintable the specific night of the release. Expanding that to the full Berlin event already seems like a nice compromise to provide more opportunities for collectors here, and going beyond that seems to punish the collectors who made the investment of getting the full series pass.


Also a minter, completely agree. After the event has passed, these projects should no longer continue to mint outside of the venue.


the reasonable assumption based on the available information about the event and nft releases in general would indicate that no passes be sold after mint date.

After mint passes have been sold, BRT and the Artists are no longer the only stakeholders. Because the decision on what to do with unsold passes was officially β€œmade” on april 6, after many mint passes had already been sold, the purchasers of those mint passes up until that point should have been part of the decision making process.


the mint pass holders should have been involved as the decision that was made contradicts the reasonable assumption at the time of purchase.

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