Launch a non-dilutive PFP project for CryptoCitizens

:cool: tl;dr

Join the hype on opensea to raise the interest in Bright Moments, CC’s, and give CC holders something fun to look forward to.

:sunrise: Overview

With the recent tensions on discord I started thinking about what would happen if while we search for the rest of the CryptoCitizens who want to be DAO members, we join the PFP hype on opensea and release fun NFT projects on the side that keep the community engaged. This could also be a way to keep CC holders engaged as they could be the ones who are allowed in the giveaways for the nft projects, entered in the whitelist/presale period, or given discounts on the nft projects.

:warning: Problem

I’ve noticed people on discord recently worry about the secondary market of crypto citizens and people asking about the benefits of holding a CryptoCitizen

:thought_balloon: Assumptions

My guess is this would give CC holders incentive to hold as well as drive up the price of CC’s while simultaneously giving BM another source of revenue to keep their future projects interesting and amazing.

:building_construction: Proposal

Making more projects means more IRL minting experiences or since they are not for the DAO even some online experiences, the possibilities of doing more prpjects gives a lot of benefits that could help grow the community, raise income, and increase interest in the DAO.

instead of more projects, which i assume are to happen either way, i’d personally like to see a focus on evolving the current CC project. like staking my CV, earning something, trading that something in, and customizing my CV with cool upgrades to make my CV even more dope