Incubator / Mentor program for Artist/Creators

:cool: tl;dr

Most Creators/Artist who would be interested in minting their work into NFT’s either don’t know much about NFT’s, or have no clue where to start to create them.

:sunrise: Overview

This proposal would be in one hand to expose Artist/Creators to the NFT world and their endless possibilities, and on the other educated them on how to create and mint their own NFT’s.

Eventually chosen few would be taken under the wing of the gallery and be step by step guided to mint their worthy collection. Culminating with an IRL minting or drop and a week long IRL and virtual group show.

:warning: Problem

It takes one to know one, I am myself a photographer who was recently exposed to the NFT world and I am hooked! I want to create NFT’s of my work but I have no idea where to start, it’s a big confusing world! I am sure I am not the only one who feels that way.

Not to mention all the artists/creators who have not been exposed yet…

:building_construction: Proposal

The 1st phase could be a mentorship program where the gallery would hold a series talks / workshops to attract and educate the Artists/Creators curious or interested about creating NFT’s. Some of the topic could be:

  • NFT 101 for Artists/Creators
    What is an NFT, how they work and what benefit they would bring to an Artist/Creator…

  • Content / concept
    What can be made into an NFT…
    What “extras” can be included and how

  • Legal
    Who owns the right to the content/art. Can the Artis/Creator still use it…

  • How to get your content ready
    How to get the artwork ready to be minted

  • Where to mint, contracts
    OpenSea, Foundation, ArtBlock… which minting and sales platform is right for them

  • and finally How to mint

these are just some of the topics I would be interested in, I am sure there would be many others and some could be consolidated…

At the end of the series of workshop, the DAO would then select a number of 1st time minting Artists/Creators based on eagerness, merit and the quality of their work. The gallery would then see these Artist/Creators through the process step by step from conception to birth of an NFT collection, ending with an IRL drop and group show.

And last but not least, the group show would stay up IRL for a week. Each Artist/Creator would get their own screen to display their work. A QR code would be placed next to each screen to direct visitors to the sales platform of choice to not only view more about the work and the artist, but also to enable the visitors to purchase NFT’s IRL on the spot, just like a standard gallery.

Also just like a standard gallery, the gallery would take a commission of the sales.

This would not only be a great community initiative for Artists & Creators, but it would also help bring long term self sustainability to the gallery.


I’m fully in support of this proposal and would love to contribute however I can. There definitely seems to be an opportunity to onboard new artists into the space by helping them mint their first NFTs — I’ve spoken to multiple artists who want to start minting their work as NFTs but don’t know where to start. I think Bright Moments is uniquely positioned to solve this problem given our mission of onboarding new people into web3, connections in the space, physical galleries, etc. I also think this is a great way for Bright Moments to establish a lasting and impactful presence in each of the 10 cities post-minting.

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thank you for posting this! Love this idea! :clap:

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i love this idea, it hits close to home!
i got a CNY, on new years eve, along with my sister, who (and she lets me speak on her behalf, on tech types of matters ) is a new york artist, fashion designer, also largely allergic to tech. we were both impressed with the gallery, the minting show, the potentials of NFTs. as an example, we want to use NFTs in her show for New york fashion week coming up, but we have much more questions then answers, when it comes to the tech.

so, this type of mentorship program would be really helpful for her, as an artist, CNY holder, and very interested in possibilities of crypto!

in fact, if you have experience minting unique, limited edition NFT collections, hit me up to chat, would love to get your thoughts! discord major tom#0592

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@majortomcat i just massaged you on Discord. I think our homes are about to colide…LOL

This is great. That is in part why we decided to host speaker panels at our Thursday meet ups in soho as a way to onboard people beyond just downloading a metamask. We can flesh this out tomorrow at the meetup.

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All for this! It’s much needed for the artist community, helps to brand BM and set us apart + show that we mean business.

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