Increasing CryptoCitizen Voting Participation


We propose three solutions to increase CryptoCitizen voter participation: incentives to voters via airdrops, delegate voting, and an increased voting period.


Despite increasing the number of unique wallets and total minted CryptoCitizens in each city, we have seen voting participation decrease for our City Votes.

Voting takes place through snapshot and doesn’t cost gas, so the barrier isn’t financial.

Proposed Solutions

There are three potential solutions to increasing voting participation:

  • Incentives for voters
  • Delegate voting
  • Increase voting period


We suggest restricting the airdrop of 333 CryptoTokyoites to wallets that voted on the location of City #8. This will encourage participation in the vote and increase the chances for active Citizens to win a minting appointment from their holding.

Delegate Voting

Delegate voting (also known as liquid democracy) allows a holder to delegate its voting power to another wallet. This can be used to delegate voting to yourself (e.g. from a vault to a more accessible hot wallet) or to another person (e.g. someone you trust who is actively engaged with the project).

Delegate voting will increase the number of Citizens included in the vote, which reduces the effect of single wallets with large holdings on the voting outcome.

Increase Voting Period

Lengthening the voting period provides more time for communication and marketing around the vote. For Citizens who are less active on Twitter and Discord, a longer voter period will increase the chance that they learn about and participate in the vote. It also helps Citizens who may hold their assets in vaults that are hard to access.


These are all great ideas, Phil. I support moving forward with all three!

all good ideas. happy to vote on these.

good idea i support this

Great ideas, I support all three options are simple and fair IMO.

Agree, that there should be incentives, another offering could be participation in the DA’s, however these are already complicated and maybe it’s best to just do the airdrop. I do like the idea of more than one chance, sometimes things come up… What if to qualify you had to vote in the city selection or the sub-dao signer nomination?

Delegate Voting:
Will delegates or delegators or neither get incentives? I think that it should either be split 50/50 or go to the delegate, each delegate could have their own “handshake” rule on how to handle rewards with their delegators.

Increase Voting Period:
Agree, best to span some weekend and during week time for people who stay of social media for either time period.

For delegation why can’t we use :slight_smile: ?

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Thanks to everyone who provided feedback on this proposal. I’m going to go ahead and lock this thread before following up with a draft proposal for our Snapshot voting process.