How should we resolve disputes?

It is inevitable that disputes will arise within the community. In some situations, these disputes will be resolved by proposals (e.g. answering “which city should we go to”). However, we need a better system to resolve disputes about events that have already taken place.

There are a few options that I am aware of: a judiciary system or arbitration.

Judiciary system

In this system, we could develop a process by which individuals are chosen to act as impartial judges and hear cases. Decentralized products like Kleros are beginning to gain adoption to enable this for internet-based communities.


Another approach is the development of an arbitration system, where disputes are resolved by the lowest common ancestor. This has the benefit of allowing disputes to be resolved quickly by a predetermined moderator. Moderators could be compensated for their time by a social token, direct cryptocurrency payments, or increased governance rights.

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my first dispute is how/who/why one account is minting all those galacticans that keep posting in the discord general chat?