How should Golden Tokens be distributed to local Berliners?

As part of our CryptoCitizen distribution strategy, 334 Golden Tokens have been reserved for distribution to the local Berlin community.

In the past, this distribution has taken place through:

  • A first-come-first-serve model (e.g. early days at Bright Moments in Venice Beach)
  • Random giveaways (e.g. Washington Square Park in NYC)
  • Nominations and community voting (e.g. here, here, here, and here)
  • Local celebrities and prominent people (e.g. Andrew Yang)

In Berlin we are hoping to complete the community distribution before minting has started. From our experience, it is very difficult to give well while minting is also taking place.

How should Golden Tokens be distributed in Berlin?

Some open questions:

  • Should we follow a combination of strategies, or just pursue one (e.g. nominations AND random giveaways, or just nominations)?
  • How do we prevent the issues with vote buying that took place in campaigns?
  • How do we make sure that the local Berlin community has a say in the distribution of the tokens?
  • How do we create the best possible community in Berlin, keeping in mind that there are only a limited number of tokens to distribute?
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My 2c:

Goals In Local Distributions :

  • A wide distribution of different financial situations, backgrounds and skillsets, with the key feature being that they are local.

  • Locals who will remain active and contribute to the local community

  • Bonus Points for Community Organizers

  • A general feeling that the distribution is fair

Id suggest a small group arrive early and immerse themselves in the community … take fitness classes, go to existing venues / event spaces, niche electronic equipment stores, crypto meetups, art supply stores, various schools. They should distribute “Raffle Tickets”. I think there will be a larger interest / intrigue in something not just freely given away at the interaction - instead a chance to win that they will need to check up on.

Chosen individuals should be given an ERC721 Raffle Ticket.

Depending on if the gallery is open before minting starts, every time they visit the gallery for an event / meetup or update they should receive another ERC721 Raffle Ticket.

Only IRL interactions can result in raffle tickets.

Before the minting starts the raffle happens and individuals who were most active are most likely to win a free CB.

Less than 5%… maybe even 3% should be targeted famous-folk giveaways.

Un minted CB’s go to those still on the raffle wait list (which can continue to grow for those who keep showing up at the gallery through minting).


Related post from @Smerjipoo: Proposed New Nomination System

I hope we don’t do randoms. NFTs as charity is a separate goal from building a community… Get our Berlin connections to connect their friends and people whom they feel would make for the best community. Find active members on Twitter who live in Berlin and enlist them. If each of these initial group gets 4/5 to giveaway and then each of those who receives a giveaway can give to 2 more people, we’ll have a strong base to build a community.

*random as in walking around and handing them out. I’d love to save a few for people who enter the gallery curious


we need to find a good balance between building IRL community and online (as currently our visibility within the nft community on Twitter is pretty low and we need to get our community to be more active)

  • for IRL I agree with airloom, giving away raffle tickets instead of giving NFTs right away could really help the community self-organize right from the start, since actively hosting IRL meetups and possibly contributing on discord before minting starts in April can earn people extra entries.

  • for online: we need to identify active people on Twitter and Discord who live in Berlin and are very active and contributing in big nft communities (ex cool cats, doodles etc) and designate specific amount of tokens for active nft people.

  • if we decide to continue nominations we should stick with the way the last round in NYC was done and have people do self-nominations IRL (to avoid online process where people will be nominating themselves or their friends while not being actual Berlin locals). And since the goal is to complete distribution prior to April minting, may be we can host one IRL event in February or March where everyone who wants to show up and nominate themselves can do it, and have citizens complete voting before April.

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I am worried that with this 2 degree of giveaways situation people will be giving to their infants, grandmas… hence the IRL filter.

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Random is very different from active curation, but I hear you about balancing influence IRL in a city vs influence on twitter.

Yeah definitely a concern

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Airloom asked:

Are the rules that owners of GTBR who bought on secondary cant win them even if they are locals ? Lets be clear about that this time.

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Now that we are <6 weeks from the first minting, I want to provide an update on the community distribution.

The core team has begun the process of hosting local meetups in Berlin, including finding local community managers to help us understand the local scene and make connections. We have set aside a number of GTBR for people that we have met during our visits (we’ve had a team in Berlin on and off for about 2 months now).

The challenge of this round of community distributions is the bandwidth required to run a fully transparent process while also keeping the production details for Kraftwerk on schedule. This is a big event and the core team is running at full speed to make sure it goes well. I want to flag one of the goals that @Airloom outlined:

A general feeling that the distribution is fair

This is the area that I am most concerned about. The core team is doing our job to find good people in Berlin and help get GTBR into the hands of artists, but without the nomination and voting system from last time, it’s unclear to me how we should best be sharing these people with the broader community.

In the spirit of sharing problems early so the community can weigh in, how should we best solve this given our existing time commitments and the reality of launching in a non-US city for the first time? Feedback welcome.

Is the challenge to make sure all are distributed? I imagine that if the team engages with people outside the gallery maybe 1 in 3 might follow through and come in to formally get onboarded. Not sure how this works. Perhaps the team can have info cards in english and german with a short explanation and link to the website? Then hand them out when doing typical tourist things in Berlin… Go to galleries, talk with street artists, seek out live music… Expand the term artist to include barbers, bakers, skaters, craftspeople etc… Maybe I’m missing the point but I think the community at large can get behind the core team fairly distributing tokens this way.

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+1 on not just artists.

“The core team is doing our job to find good people in Berlin and help get GTBR into the hands of artists”

Does this mean the core team has already come up with a process and defined the target demographic ?

We have identified a number of existing communities through our production partners and community leads. The idea is to “bootstrap” the CryptoBerliner community by piggybacking on top of these communities to create a solid foundation of local Berliners who are enthusiastic and curious about crypto. Not all of these people are artists.

I’d like to be as transparent as possible about this process, but am not sure what the right way to share our progress is. Should everyone who receives a GTBR introduce themselves in the Discord? Should we publish regular updates to provide a count of remaining GTBRs? Something else?

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I grew up in Greenwich Village so I vote for random Washington Square Park style.