GTBR RFP Response: Marketing

:sunrise: Overview

The issue is established here. We have 7 unclaimed GTBR and we need to have a plan for them.

:building_construction: Proposal

Use some of the unclaimed GTBR for Twitter giveaways to create more brand awareness. It could be a good idea to invest in some additional marketing on our way to Berlin and future mints. We can even associate with a NFT promoter with followers in Germany/Europe to give 2-3 to its followers to increase our brand in the region.


*7 unclaimed GTBR right?


My bad, indeed only 7 unclaimed GTBR!

I definitely see the value behind this. But we need to be careful that the DAO is behind the idea. I feel like the 7 unclaimed citizens belong to all holders we are talking about 10-14 ETH in value at current mint price… so not nothing. Maybe a vote? 1) Spend 7 unclaimed tokens to promote Bright Moments in Berlin. 2) Mint the 7 tokens to the DOA treasury during the event. 3) Raffle again to holders (maybe make a point as to the expense in doing this and the slim odds that any individual holder will win)

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