Going-Forward Citizen Naming Convention

Has the team considered regional Citizens that are minted in one city rather than focusing on one particular city for the naming of Citizens? So if you are going to mint citizens in Melbourne, those citizens can be called CryptoAustralians, and if you are going to mint citizens in a city in South America, they can be called CryptoSouthAmericans? This may attract a wider audience in the region rather than focusing on just one city in a region. I know CryptoEuropeans may be a forgone decision with the CryptoBerliners, but even in that instance I can see people coming in from other German cities or European countries to mint in Berlin.

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I think people have a much stronger connection to cities as opposed to a broader region or continent, which makes me prefer the city naming convention.

I also think the cities discussed in the roadmap going forward are big cities that naturally attract their greater metropolitan areas.


Thank you so much for your suggestion. We indeed have considered region vs. country vs city. Starting with Venice Beach, a small city within a global cultural hub ie LA, we witness strong shared values and characteristics that’s only Venice. Those values and characters have influenced what LA is known for, further becoming part of the US. When I first drew Cryptovenetians, it’s those very specific characters, landscape and sunshine that formed images on my mind which can’t really be stretched into say California or North America. The same applies to NYC, a city where I’ve live more than a decade. The people and culture are so recognizable that again became the source of the art creation and foundation of what the community builds upon. Without the city of Venice Beach, this project probably won’t even exist.

As we move forward to other places around the world, the cities are the natural, more coherent choice for the project that we believe would inspire and gather more people from the region to meet, mint and create.

Thank you!


I think that the identity is related to the cities and specific locations. For example in you South America example: there’s over 10 different countries in South America with different cultures, landmarks, personalities etc. There’s no generic south american person since there’s a big difference from somebody in Argentina vs somebody in Colombia(for example). Just like in Europe: Italy vs France for example. Trying to make it too general will kill the feeling of belonging.