Establish a cooldown period for airdrop winners

Bleu#1477 raised:

How are the winners for airdrops and these raffles like the incomplete control buying option selected cause I’m seeing the same new Yorkers and venietians constantly winning each contest one in particular has one almost ever airdrop/raffle

Don’t you think if people have already won an airdrop or option or ticket they should be at least skipped from 1 raffle after they’ve one to make it fair for others than once they’ve been skipped allow them back on for another chance to win it doesn’t seem like the picking people is at all random

My response:

The Random Collector Selector is random and the code is published for others to audit. Holding more Cryptocitizens increases your chances to win, so it’s not surprising that there are repeated winners across airdrops.

Your point about a cooldown period for airdrops is not something I’ve considered, so I can’t give you a straightforward yes / no answer until I’ve had more time to think deeply. Here’s a question I’ll leave you with: if there is a cooldown period, does it apply to the token or the wallet? If the wallet, then what is preventing people from trading their CC between wallets to get around the restriction? If the token, then how would it feel to buy a CC on secondary only to learn you’re excluded from a drop because the previous owner won?

I believe in the random

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