Donation of 4 art pieces to the Museum of Freedom (Jason Ting, Gabriel Massan, Alida Sun, Ellie Pritts) purchased directly from the Bright Moments Portal.

Museum of Freedom is an NFT museum focused around the empowerment of artists with a strong emphasis on art equality and inclusiveness. The museum uses NFT’s and blockchain as a way to connect artists to a wider audience and making sure that their message is heard. We are in the infant stages of the Web3 space where thousands of artists are trying to showcase their work and most of them are running into gate kept platforms, pumper influencers and even getting lost on the Open Sea. With the mix of a strong curated collection of early crypto artists, and the support of Nft communities, the Museum of Freedom is becoming a voice for all. Some of the talented artists that are on the permanent collection of the museum are Robness, WizardX, Nino Arteiro, the trash art movement among other crypto artists OGs. The museum gallery is plugged into Punk 6529 Museum District.

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6529 Museum District: 6529 Museum District

Oncyber: Museum of Freedom

Hi @galavis. Thanks for submitting the above proposal. I’m not clear on the mechanics of this exactly. Is the proposal to use community funds to mint pieces by these four artists and then donate the art to the Museum of Freedom?

Hello Hodlen

Thanks for reviewing it. Yes, the idea is to mint these artists works that are now hidden and forgotten so the world can see them while supporting the artists within our community and all done within the Bright Moments ecosystem.