Delegated Minting at NFT Art Berlin

Please read: we are seeking feedback from Golden Token holders and CryptoCitizens on the following change to our minting policy in Berlin. For more information, please see Should Bright Moments support remote minting? - #11 by philm.

Delegated Minting @ NFT Art Berlin

Golden Token Berlin and Mint Pass holders can request to have a member of the Bright Moments team or local community mint on their behalf at NFT Art Berlin

Since we opened our first gallery in Venice Beach California, Bright Moments has pioneered the practice of IRL minting. This special focus has helped us launch galleries all over the world and work with artists like Boreta, Aaron Penne, Jeff Davis, and Tyler Hobbs.

We believe that being physically present during minting is the most powerful way to experience NFT art being born. However, we recognize that circumstances don’t always allow collectors to attend events in-person. Where you live or whether you have the means to travel shouldn’t limit your ability to mint an artwork featured in a Bright Moments event.

Throughout NFT Art Berlin, Bright Moments will support delegated minting for our CryptoBerliners and Featured Artist collections. This means that anyone in the world can participate in a Bright Moments drop, even if you aren’t able to visit Kraftwerk during our ten night exhibition.

Our mission is to educate, empower, and connect communities around the world through unforgettable experiences. This means opening our collector base to everyone, regardless of where in the world they live.

The physical reveal experience will remain the primary way that we help artists bring their work into the world. If collectors cannot attend the event, they will have the option to securely delegate their mint to a dedicated minter from the Bright Moment team or local community. Delegates will have the ability to trigger a mint directly to the collector’s wallet from the onsite minting station, but will not have access to the token at any point during the minting process.

Although delegated minting will be available for certain events, we still plan to invest significantly into our physical galleries and encourage Bright Moments artists and collectors to attend as the default option. If you’re interested in minting a CryptoBerliner or Berlin Collection featured artist, tokens are available:

If you have any questions about attending a Bright Moments event or minting with us, please reach out to We can’t wait to see what you create.


Sounds good. Now my question would be how does the “request to have a member of the Bright Moments team” works so I can start the process as soon as possible.