DAO Treasury & “Melt Value”

When we say “Equal Say”, does this apply to treasury funds? I’m just throwing this out there — what about using a smart contract to lock a portion of the treasury’s funds in wrapped Bitcoin or a basket of wrapped tokens with an option for the DAO to return those locked funds to CryptoCitizen holders in the event of a vote on the DAO’s dissolution. This smart contract would act as a decentralized treasury and a “melt value” for CryptoCitizen tokens. If the decentralized treasury appreciates in value, a vote could unlock a portion of the funds to be spent on projects that generate additional value for CryptoCitizen holders.


this seems like good long term thinking to me


I agree that a long term plan should be developed.

Theres a decent amount of MEMEs around the preponderance of DAO recently like…

  • You don’t have a DAO, you have a group chat
  • You don’t have a DAO, you have a bagholder support group…etc.

And structures like whats being proposed here are differentiators and embolden buyers.


The argument for Bitcoin as a DAO’s treasury reserve asset: Bitcoin First