DAO Governance Reading List

Here is an incomplete reading list that I’ve been compiling as part of my DAO research. Feel free to use this thread to post additional references or discuss specific points from a work listed here.






Interesting and easy read DAOs and the Free-rider Problem — Mirror

Thanks for this! I suggest that, rather than reading entire treatises, we focus on certain chapters or smaller sections that directly pertain to BM, and make that list incentivized, mandatory reading (BM coffee mug, T shirt, etc.). Some light quizzes wouldn’t hurt either. Of course we’ll find additional mandatory reads along the way…then the goal would be to whittle the list down. IMO if it’s not mandatory many might not read this good stuff (that was a confession)…

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Good point. Maybe we can add a ! command to Discord to drop some governance knowledge

E.g. !gov drops a quote in from one of the reading list items

Nice idea. Another thing possible is to make a narrated video out of the best sections from books on the list…a video highlights I guess you’d call it.