CryptoCitizen Utility

During the CryptoCitizen governance discussion on January 13th, the CryptoVenetians conducted an exercise to understand what was meant by the term “utility”.

How the exercise worked

  • We met for 90 minutes IRL to discuss governance
  • Each person in the group was given a pad of sticky notes and a pen. The prompt was:

“What would you like to see more of as a Cryptocitizen?”

We determined that “utility” was actually referring to four separate initiatives:

  1. IRL Events
  2. Rewards
  3. Partnerships
  4. Governance

Here are some specific ideas proposed for each initiative:

1. IRL Events

  • Weekly IRL events and meetups
  • Non-exclusive community-led events hosted by CryptoCitizens
  • Every CryptoCitizen should be able to display NFTs they own on Bright Moments displays like a jukebox
  • Events to sell / trade CryptoCitizens and other NFTs
  • “NFT and Shill” – an event dedicated to raising up community created projects
  • Art Shows
  • A Soho House style place to meet and work from

2. Rewards

  • Stake Citizens to earn tokens for future mints + merch
  • Let people stake CryptoCitizens to earn $CC (CryptoCitizen Token) that let’s them buy merch
  • ETH Reward Raffles
  • Arcade games that reward tokens used to buy Venetian merch
  • Wen $BRT token

3. Partnerships

  • Special meetups with other groups
  • Partnerships with brands
  • Collaborations with local businesses
  • Enable CryptoCitizens to become artistic collaborators
  • Support community-led projects
  • Work with local charity in every market
  • Collaborations / whitelists with other projects
  • Connect with art galleries in LA to have Venetian specific events or discounts on entry
  • Privileged access to local restaurants, bars, and clubs
  • Derivative projects for secondary cities / areas

4. Governance

  • More treasury transparency
  • Clear goals, objectives, and key results
  • More opportunities for voting on Venice specific things
  • Community multisig for each city
  • More NFTs to locals but decided on by existing Citizens

What did we miss? How can we give the community the autonomy to execute these ideas in each of our local cities?


From a conversation with Hashashin#0827 and patrickamadon#0001:

One would be you stake your citizen to get citizen tokens which you can use to buy merch or local art.
Similar to what magic marketplace is doing they started as treasure nft then u staked the nft to get magic. Now u can buy nfts with magic

Yes check Check the docs [&] The whitepaper [&] Message john patten on twitter

i mean look - one show sold out at 4E because people wanted NY tokens… way above the market price for the same work. Citizen tokens would accomplish the same reward for art

As a CryptoCitizen, I want to claim my ENS subdomain that is revoked if I ever sell or trade (e.g. phil.cryptocitizens.eth)

opensea listings are lowest for cny under 3eth.

i think utility is hugely important for growth and to raise the floor price, otherwise people might just be buying a jpeg rug to hold forever or sell for under the 4eth they might have paid, or more.

irl is cool and all but this is the metaverse we’re talking about and cc need to build value in the metaverse.

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aych raised that:

Hey I’m contemplating going to Germany for the CryptoBerlin but am wondering about the utility of owning another cryptocitizen. Unlike other projects we haven’t seen benefits of holding yet. No WL for other projects or invitations besides coffee lol. Just giveaway raffles for subpar projects


No I agree with most of what you’re saying. But a 7 city endeavor requires time and money. And requires some consistency in the world where pandemics and wars do not become an issue. There should be some sort of ground floor utility or benefit for holders besides you get more entries in future raffles