CryptoCitizen Governance: Phase 2

The Provisional Governance Structure has passed.

The snapshot results are as follows:

  • Ratify Clause I: 98.59%
  • Ratify Clause II: 98.48%
  • Ratify Clause III: 97.29%
  • Ratify Clause IV: 96.64%

As described in CryptoCitizen Governance: Phased Rollout Plan, there are three primary governance goals to achieve by the end of Q1:

Goal: :handshake: Ensure continuity of governance

  1. Define roles and responsibilities of core positions
  2. Elect 7 core multi-sig signers
  3. Define term limits for signers

Goal: :fist: Empower local cities to independently operate

  1. Establish SubDAOs for local cities
  2. Develop SubDAO funding plan
  3. Elect or appoint SubDAO representatives to manage local operations

Goal: :earth_africa: Enable Bright Moments to effectively execute it’s two year roadmap to mint 10k CryptoCitizens globally

  1. Establish legal framework and corporate governance

What’s next

Over the next few weeks, the Bright Moments core team will be leading a series of discussions to determine how to best achieve these goals. If you are interested in being involved in those discussions or learning more about becoming a SubDAO representative please leave a comment below.