Bright Moments DAO Governance: Weekly Recap (1/2/2022)

Hi everyone,

Over the next few weeks we will be conducting a series of IRL and virtual forums to discuss the governance and operations of the Bright Moments DAO. The goal of these sessions is to build consensus around a Constitution that will be ratified during the first DAO vote to decide City #5 on January 28th.

This week we hosted two IRL forums at our NYC gallery at 150 Wooster. The recordings from those sessions can be found here.

Here is what we heard during those discussions:

  • CryptoCitizens are interested in getting involved at all levels of the DAO. In particular, there is a strong appetite for community driven local meetups using the physical footprint offered by the Bright Moments gallery.
  • We need to expand the diversity of artists that we showcase in our events. We’ve been able to do amazing work to elevate awareness of generative art and it’s important to make sure those opportunities are broadly accessible.
  • Education is an important aspect of our mission and is sorely needed in a world with our current information landscape. It’s hard to know who to trust in crypto and having a legitimate resource for onboarding and basic technical knowledge is invaluable to many Citizens who are just starting their journey into DAOs and cryptocurrency.
  • Transparency of proposals and timelines is key to building trust. The Bright Moments operating team has been able to execute large scale premium events thanks to the level of trust that we’ve earned through our community events. We need to make sure to maintain transparency of decisions (e.g. artist and city selection) as we scale and grow internationally.

Here are some of the open questions we discussed:

  • How do you balance everyone having a say without slowing things down?
  • How do you keep people engaged with voting, especially as we expand the community?
  • How do we hold people accountable? Not only members of the operating team, but new CryptoCitizens who have a responsibility to vote?
  • How can we diversify revenue to ensure that Bright Moments can maintain a sustainable presence in cities?

Here is the plan for next week:

  • Continue to host forums to involve CryptoCitizens in the drafting process. Specifically, hosting local meetups in Venice to include the CryptoVenetian and CryptoGalactican community.
  • Release a first draft of the core CryptoCitizen Constitution and virtues.
  • Define basic terminology and process for contributing to CryptoCitizen governance.

If you want to get involved, please comment below or plan to attend one of the governance discussions taking place.