Bright Moments Creators Day Berlin Workshop Proposal

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“So, what’s this all about, Dr. Banner?”

Well, Thursday meetups are awesome, right! And an essential part of connecting our community. But, what’s beyond that, and to go beyond that, how do we truly build an inclusive and self-sustaining global art community? The idea outlined below is one of many possible answers to that question, a proposal for a twice-monthly “Creators Day Workshop” (CDW) [working title] that will be hosted in Berlin as the model site. If the proposal and event are deemed successful, they can be implemented in each Bight Moments City/SubDAO chapter.

:sunrise: Overview

Creators Day Workshop: Concept

The idea that came to me was to use the Bright Moments community space to host an all-day creative workshop environment where we can cut it up, co-work, and create collectively or independently. This proposal aims to foster a space where the community wants to come because they know that they will be inspired to create and connect with other creators on a deeper artistic and technical level.

With the CDW, we open the doors to a space where creators come together to create, build, collaborate, and discuss technical questions, concepts, and ideas. We will create a space to facilitate creation as a way for our community (Bright Moments) to steer the industry toward thoughtful, progressive, and technically advanced digital fine art with the IRL experiences that go with them. CDW is a place to teach, learn, and practice through creative environments and education sessions. As a result, we set the path for new groundbreaking projects, technologies, and collaborations to emerge from Berlin, the city of art and culture. (and potentially every Bright Moments City).

Each CDW will provide the following options for community members to participate in. 1. Creative Co-Working Session aka come work on what you want. 2. Creative Education Session aka teach or participate in specialized workshops. 3. Creative Stammtisch or Round Table Conversations, aka speak on or listen to thought leaders discuss creativity, art, and technology.

This is the core idea, and below I will cover the execution and opportunities of CDW. As this is a Berlin SubDAO proposal, comments, constructive feedback, and ideas related to the core elements of this proposal are welcome. If this inspires another idea or answers the initial question posed in this proposal’s introduction section, please feel free to work up a proposal and submit it separately.

:building_construction: Proposal

Creators Workshop: Execution

Phase 1

Twice a month, Bright Moments & NFT Berlin Club will facilitate an 8 to 10-hour CDW hosted by Each CDW will host an open Creative Co-Working Space that will run from open to close, where community members can come together to work independently or collaboratively. Each CDW will also feature a “Creator Challenge,” a creative concept posted for community members to use as a creative prompt to inspire creativity and collaboration uniquely interpreted by each participant’s artistic style. Throughout the CDW, a schedule of community lead activations, including Creative Education and Onboarding Sessions, will be available for participation. Once established, the CDW will implement an afternoon Creative Stammtisch or a Round Table Conversation to be aired on Bright Moments Twitter Spaces and recorded for a Bright Moments Youtube series. Please see the last section of this proposal titled “About Supporting Organizations” for more information on the supporting organizations mentioned.

Types of CDW activations

  • Creative Co-Working Space [Phase 1]
    • Work on projects independently
    • Work on projects collaboratively
    • Creator Challenges
  • Creative Education Session [Phase 1]
    • Lead an education session on art production, blockchain, & art tech
    • Take an education session, study, learn and practice something new
    • Lead onboarding sessions [Potentially Sponsored by Ledger]
    • Get onboarded in a session
  • Creative Stammtisch or Round Table Conversations [Phase 2]
    • Speak on a panel, present an experience, record an interview, or have a discussion for Bright Moments TV Berlin (youtube playlist)

Note 0: The CDW will need operational support from Bright Moments, NFT Berlin Club, and

High-level operational support includes:

  • Bright Moments, NFT Berlin Club, and will collaborate on community exposure to the event and booking talent for education sessions and eventually for the Creative round tables.
    • A coordinator will be selected from one of the three organizations to support the communication with talent bookings and the event calendar and scheduling systems.
    • 6 CDW will be planned per quarter with an open rolling application for session leaders and speakers as a way to improve productivity.
  • Bright Moments DAO and the Berlin SubDAO will provide the physical space and help with experiential needs (displays, sponsorships, equipment, etc.)
  • will provide CDW event structure and onsite support as the Event Host. Opening and closing the event space while managing the ongoing environment throughout the day.

Note 1: this is not an office space for the project’s business operations like WeWork rentals; it is a space for creatives to co-exist and collaborate.

Creators Workshop: Opportunities

Phase 2

In theory, we will have created a space that fosters the creation, collaboration, community, culture, and art. Cool right? Yes, but where does that lead? It leads to incubation and expansion at the merger of art and technology at a pivotal point in history. By uniting creatives, we drive the industry because what emerges from CDW is groundbreaking, new, never before seen, innovative, thoughtful, and progressive. We say, “Berlin is the city of art and culture. Look, here is the proof. See what these artists and this community are doing because it’s absolutely insane.” People will know that the best art, now at this point in history, is coming from the community in Berlin and Bright Moments is the catalyst. There are no more lazy lama pfp rug pulls, no scams, just art and culture defined by the streets.

It’s time for art to be sexy.

A few ideas for supporting the creations emerging from CDW are listed below. We do this in two ways, 1. Industry Driving Creation paired with 2. Community-driven value + Community Financing = Wallet Growth.

  1. Industry Driving Creation

  2. Creator Challenge Exhibitions: each CDW will have a creators challenge; community members can submit the work completed for each challenge to the SubDAO for a quarterly or biannual vote to select 100 pieces to be exhibited and sold through bright moments, with revenue splits going to Bright Moments DAO, Berlin SubDAO, and to the Artists.

  3. Emergent Project Exhibitions: the CDW’s environment will lead to an emergence of collaborations and projects being created. Community members can submit these emergent projects to the Sub DAO for a vote of support. To follow Bright moments tradition, these project drops can be limited to 100 pieces for exhibition, sale, and minting experience through bright moments, with revenue splits going to Bright Moments DAO, Berlin Sub DAO, and the Artists.

  4. Community Driven Value + Community Financing = Wallet Growth.

  5. Community-driven value: can be defined as the following equation. Creation + Community Vote = Supported Drop. At the CDW, we create, and these creations are submitted to the community for a support vote. Approval can lead to either a quarterly or biannual “Creator challenge exhibition” or “Emergent Project Exhibitions,” aka drop parties and mint experiences.

  6. Community Financing & Sub DAO Wallet Growth: These IRL internal community events (happening with supply and demand-side economics in mind) will create internal community financing where artists create and the community validates the value through a vote and purchase. Sales are split between Bright Moments DAO, Berlin SubDAO, and the artists. A community of collectors and artists support each other and value the art internally. This can be a driving force for the global community looking at Berlin to buy the art at a higher value, driving wealth back into the community.

Note 2: Community regulation is essential to managing the community and gating from scammers and abusers. My suggested security measure is that all contributors must have held a Crypto Citizen for at least six months or since the time of mint in your city to be eligible to submit work. Must also be an “active” participant in the community. “Active” to be defined by the community.

The projected start date of Phase 1 would be between July 15th and August 1st with Phase 2 projected for December 2022 or January 2023

:notebook: References

About Supporting Organizations

  • NFT Berlin Club is the local community organization that supports the mobilization and expansion of Berlin Artists, Builders, & Collectors, in the NFT art space.
  • ART.TECH.CULTURE. Is an artist collective and Smart Contract Platform for digital art. Managing Partners include BlueM0xn, Dotjiwa, & Dr. Benton Banner.

I think this is a great initiative. For the suggested security it seems a bit strict especially now as no one has held the CB for 6 months, so anyone who has bought on secondary would not be eligible.

Also the creation of this event might encourage someone to purchase a CB just for these events to be participate in the CDW, only to find they are not eligible for some months.

My suggestion would be for people holding the CB for less time to have attended 3 previous CDW before to qualify as active.

Thanks for writing this up @drbentonbanner. I love the concept and am encouraged to see high quality proposals coming from the Berlin community.

My suggestion: start small and scale. I would reduce the number of planned CDW from 6 → 1 and focus on pulling off a specific event on a chosen date later this summer once the Berlin SubDAO gallery opens. Based on the success of the event, it will be easier to gain support for additional events and we’ll learn what works.

From our experience running offsite workshops with the core team in Venice, I’ve found it helpful to have structured sessions interspersed with time for heads down work. The benefit of these gatherings tend to be the conversations you have between sessions, while going out for lunch, grabbing a drink after, etc. You want to create a 1-2 day agenda that is engaging and diverse without trying to do too much.

One framework that’s worked for us in the past:
Day 1

  • Introduce the Creator Challenge
  • Split people into teams based on some criteria to ensure diversity across groups
  • Give teams time to work heads down / overnight

Day 2

  • Free time to work in morning
  • Presentations
  • Award prizes

This is more of a “hackathon” model, but I’ve found that 1) giving people a difficult but achievable goal and 2) splitting them into teams encourages more conversation and collaboration than would otherwise happen.

Looking forward to seeing what comes from this!