Bright Moments Community Engagement Survey

:cool: tl;dr

In an effort to better understand how members believe the DAO is progressing & what’s most important to them, I think it would be high-value to distribute a pulse survey, collect feedback, and share the findings with the Core Team and community members.

:sunrise: Overview

Currently, the DAO primarily gauges community engagement using community forums that supports threaded long-form discussion as well as IRL events. This includes, but is not limited to:

Given how difficult it can be in a DAO environment where there are (potentially) hundreds of people contributing and operating on the fringes, the Core Team and community members have been extremely effective.

:warning: Problem

In present time, it may be feasible to gauge community feedback/engagement on a one-off basis using primarily qualitative data received via community channels and events, but as the DAO continues to grow rapidly it could be effective to leverage an additional, more data driven feedback system, i.e., surveys

Let’s examine the pros and cons:


  • Versatility : mix of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Comparability: when data is quantified it can be used to compare and contrast and may be used to measure change – especially valuable over time
  • Scalability: surveys typically reach a larger sample size, in turn, increasing chances of getting more accurate insight


  • Sampling Error: survey respondents aren’t necessarily representative of the broader community
  • Reliability: dishonest answers, respondent bias, and unconscientious responses can all lead to inaccuracies in data collected
  • Lack of Depth : due to general nature of standardized Q’s, survey results may not be as valid as results obtained using other data collection methods that allow a more comprehensive analysis

:thought_balloon: Assumptions

  • The DAO is not currently gauging community engagement in ways other than the forums listed in ‘Overview’ section
  • Community will continue to grow, making it increasingly difficult to gather feedback and gain accurate insight
  • Well-constructed survey questions will limit errors in statistical data resulting in more accurate insight
  • Survey Response Fatigue and Survey Taking Fatigue will make an impact

:building_construction: (Request for) Proposal

Prepare and distribute a survey to help provide insight to the DAO’s Core Team and community members – determining areas of further exploration and improvement included, but not limited to:

  • Culture, principles, and values
  • Mission, strategy & purpose
  • How work gets done
  • Current “Leadership” structure

Goal✊: Establish baseline data re: community engagement / Identify areas that Bright Moments can improve on and an action plan to progress as a DAO

:thinking: Open Questions/Seeking Feedback

Q: Where should survey be distributed?

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Other

Q: When should survey be distributed?

  • Seems like perfect timing with NFT Art Berlin just wrapping up and a lot of new onboarding members :ok_hand:

Q: Should survey be limited exclusively to CryptoCitizen holders? Or should it open to the broader community?

Q: Thoughts on doing a giveaway as a way to incentivize community members to complete the survey?

Q: Should survey be anonymous?

  • Justification : creates sense of trust and respect in population being surveyed/encourages unbiased feedback and people are more comfortable sharing their motivation
  • Risk : If specific issue is raised, unable to follow up/Difficult to determine if feedback is coming from a “squeaky wheel” or truly dissatisfied community member
  • Best of both worlds : Having optional prompt to provide Discord username or CC#?

:boom: Full Disclosure: I am not a CryptoCitizen holder. That said, I do understand that pending a successful ‘temp-check’ the DAO would need to ultimately vote on:

  1. Putting together a well-constructed survey for the Core Team to distribute to the community members is of high-value

I’m very willing to learn and participate in any way possible to add value to the DAO and onboard into the ecosystem (& hopefully a CC holder soon :crossed_fingers:) so I’m stoked about working together to make this survey a success :100:

I’ve attached a link to the survey draft below and am looking forward to any/all feedback!

  • Questions to add/eliminate
  • Wording
  • Any additional comments

Thanks for the time!

:point_right:Draft Survey Link: Bright Moments DAO - 2022 Pulse Survey

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:wave: All , I wanted to share a new link for the original survey draft on Google Forms. Please feel free to make edits as you see fit.

Pulse Survey :

Additionally, I wasn’t sure if there was already something being used to collect information from newly onboarded community members so I drafted a second survey focused on gathering that type of info. This will need additional expertise from a more tenured community member.

Onboarding Survey: