Bright Moments CDMX - SubDAO Signer Application

Bright Moments is seeking applications for two signers of our Bright Moments CDMX SubDAO.

The creation of this SubDAO was first outlined in CryptoCitizen Governance: Phase 2 and expanded upon in Nominate local “Council Members” to operate city specific wallets .

For reference, SubDAO applications for our Berlin and New York chapters can be found here:


The Core Team operates the primary multisig for the DAO, brightmoments.eth, and is progressively decentralizing management of local communities through the creation of SubDAO multisig wallets:

Signer Roles & Responsibilities

Signers are expected to:

  • Manage the day to day operations of the Bright Moments CDMX chapter (10-20 hours per week to start)
  • Coordinate physical community activities, including meetups, artist exhibitions, and live minting experiences
  • Grow the online community through Discord management and social media outreach
  • Propose and execute transactions within the cdmx.brightmoments.eth multisig
  • Manage a starting multisig budget in the 10-50 ETH range, incl. minted CryptoMexa NFTs, and work to grow the community treasury through profitable business operations
  • Grow a team of part-time contributors to assist with any of the activities above
  • Expand to full-time roles as needed based on the successful growth of the operation

Functionally, as a signer you will be a cofounder of the CDMX community. You will have significant autonomy in your day-to-day role and the support of the international Bright Moments brand. The success of the SubDAO will be based on the work ethic, strategic decisions, and support from the signers and local community.

This is a 1-year term, with the option to extend based on an additional review and community voting process after a year has passed. Community Signers receive a monthly retainer of 1 ETH, paid out of the local SubDAO treasury.

Application Process

Applications open on Monday, October 31st and will close at the end of November.

To apply, email your responses to the following questions to with the subject line: Bright Moments CDMX: Signer Application

Important: We will be publicly sharing applications unless otherwise requested to do so. Applications will be shared after the deadline has passed to avoid giving an advantage to applicants who apply later in the process. If you do not want us to share your application on the governance forum, please indicate so in the first line of your email to us when submitting your application.

Applicants chosen to move to the next round will be asked to visit the Bright Moments gallery or a nearby location for a 15 minute in-person interview.

Two candidates will be selected by the Core Team and nominated for a community vote. Any nominees will be required to receive a 51% approval rating and 1% quorum from CryptoMexas.

After the community vote has concluded, signers who have reached the approval requirements will start their term on the following Monday.



  • Ethereum address:
  • ENS name:
  • Name:
  • Twitter:

How long have you lived in CDMX? Do you live here currently?

Video Introduction

Please enter the url of a 1 minute unlisted (not private) YouTube video introducing yourself. This video is an important part of the application.

In the video you should introduce yourself, explain why you’re interested in being a signer, and tell us about your plan to build the community.

The video should be 1 minute long and should contain nothing except yourself talking. Please do not include a PowerPoint presentation or any video effects. We want to focus on substance, not editing skills. Don’t read from a script – just speak naturally as though you are talking to a friend.


  • Please describe an interesting project (outside of work or school) that you have built or created. This does not have to involve crypto (although crypto projects are fine too).
  • Describe your 100 day plan for your local Bright Moments chapter. What will you do your first week? Your first month?
  • What is something you believe about DAOs that most people don’t agree with?


  • How did you hear about Bright Moments? If you have minted a CryptoCitizen, please describe your experience.
  • What other communities or projects are you involved with?
  • What is one thing you have learned from other crypto projects that you believe Bright Moments could benefit from?
  • What should holders of all ten CryptoCitizen city collections be entitled to when the project is complete?